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Family tend to capture all the milestones when their children are little but once they get older, the years slip by without taking the time for professional portrait photography. That’s not the case here. She isn’t little and she’s not a high school senior but her parents did want to capture an important milestone. She started high school this year. She’s a teenager. She’s becoming a woman. What a great time to memorialize all the changes happening in her life.

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Linnae Designs offers professional portrait photography for families with kids of all ages. The young, the old and the in between! Linnae specializes in custom photography. It’s unique. It’s inspired. And it’s designed especially for you. It means you and Linnae will talk before you ever meet, so she can hear your hopes and dreams for your photographs. She’ll learn a little something about you and the members of your family, and you two will decide together what the setting and tone will be. Whether you have some specific requests, or simply know you want your time together to unfold organically, she will design your pteen femailehoto session uniquely to fit you. She will blend her artistry and experience with your own individuality, to bring out the special beauty that is within you.  Call Linnae at 828.230.1462 or email her at Linnae.


Let me capture you family. You’ll end up with connected, love-filled photos and we’ll have a blast at the same time!

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