Who Am I?

Linnae Harris is single mom with two wonderful, energetic kids. She adopted her children from Russia when her daughter was 2 years old and her son was 1. Now they are 16 and 15, and if you hire her on a weekend or in the evening, you just might get to meet them—as they are her assistants!

She has been a photographer, graphic artist, marketing specialist, and art teacher for over 25 years. But at this phase in her life, she is completely focused on bringing joy to families by capturing their essence in photographs. She absolutely LOVES her work. If she had to give up photography, there would be a great big hole in her life. She doesn't ever dread going to work on Mondays. She's obsessed with making compelling, original imagery that portrays the love and connections within families.

Why Does She Photograph Children and Families?

Becoming a mother changed her life in so many ways. Not only did she fall in love with two beautiful kids, but she also found herself falling in love with photographing children and families. Once she had her own children, she came to understand in a whole new way the love that a parent feels for his or her child. She suddenly understood how quickly children grow up and how meaningful it is to document the stages of their lives and the uniqueness of their individual personalities.

How Does She Work?

She loves the challenge of meeting a new family and helping each member feel at ease in front of my camera within minutes. She can be a bit silly at times. She loves to play games with youngsters. Her own children laugh at her when they hear her hum a ridiculous tune as kids run around their parents in her version of Musical Chairs (Laps). She's not going to tell your child to be still, look at the camera and smile. Instead, she will ask your 8-year-old if he is married yet or she'll ask your 13-year-old daughter to spin around and then “strike a pose”. Your little ones will feel like they’ve been on a play date, not a boring photo session. She wants to show the spirit of your children—not just what he or she looks like.

During your session, She might ask everyone to pose, but what she's really looking for are the “in-between moments”: when something funny happens and you all laugh; when your spouse whispers something in your ear and you blush; or you tickle your son and he bursts out with a deep, gut wrenching belly roar. Or you spontaneously give your daughter a butterfly kiss on her cheek. Her photography will memorialize those nuances in photos that are alive with meaning.

She's not a cookie-cutter, generic photographer that treats each client’s session in the same rote way. During your pre-consultation, you’ll discuss in detail what’s important to you, what each of your family members is like, what each is into, what’s special about this time in your life, and what location will best reflect the type of images you would like to end up with.

Give her a shout now and let’s plan your custom photography session. You can reach Linnae at 828-230-1462. Call now…..pick up the phone. I’m waiting to hear from you.

What Is the “Lifetime Membership” Program?

Linnae is here to photograph your family members just once or to document every part of your child’s life—to celebrate your children at every age and stage. If you choose, she can be your photographer for life.

Linnae loves her kids’ adoption story, but a small sadness is that she doesn't have a single photo of them as newborns and babies. There are no photographs of their tiny little feet and toes, or of her holding them swaddled in receiving blankets. She didn’t have this opportunity. BUT YOU DO! She wants to help you decorate your home with images of the people you love the most. She'd love to be your photographer for life. Click here for more info.

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