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This deliriously happy family welcomed newborn, Naomi Linae, into the world on Oct 1st. 2013. Did you notice her middle name?….”linae”…….how cool is that? Now I know it doesn’t have anything to do with me but I don’t meet a lot of people with my name so it’s pretty exciting for me to meet a namesake – especially such a tiny, sweet, adorable little bundle of JOY like Naomi Linae!

Ideally during a newborn photo session, the baby will fall deeply sleep which allows me to move her and photograph her in a variety of positions….BUT Naomi wasn’t having any of that. She didn’t want to miss out on any of the action so she was bright eyed and bushy tailed throughout our entire 3 hour session! I think I managed to get one shot of her with her eyes closed…but the good thing was she remained happy and content so it all ended well!

I also photographed this amazingly, gorgeous family for the “I’m pregnant photo shoot” and the maternity session. To see these sessions click the links.
asheville newborn photographer 2 asheville newborn (4 of 3) asheville newborn (9 of 1) asheville newborn (6 of 2) asheville newborn (7 of 2) asheville newborn photographer gorgeous newborn photography
The best time to have newborn photography is within the first two weeks after delivery. This way your child will mostly sleep and it allows us to move around without waking your newborn. Life doesn’t always work out the way you would like it too so if you’re unable to make your appointment with me during that time period, no worries. The above session was shot when the newborn was 4 weeks old.

Newborn photography sessions are an intimate experience, during which we focus on capturing the beauty and tender emotions of this incredibly special time. I strive to keep the newborn photography session relaxed and enjoyable, so your family’s unique personalities and connections can shine through in your portraits. I am constantly inspired by laughter, love, and life. I will photograph your family in the comfort of your home or in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Click the link For more information about the Something Special newborn session.





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