I’ve used this location for photo session many, many times over the last few years. It’s one of my favorite places to take families. Normally, we would find beautiful green grass, rolling hills and sometimes we might see a cow or two in the far off distance. Well not this time! Nope.

As we approached the gate, I saw a cow and then another cow and holy moley, the cows were right there at the gate! Right where I take families dressed in nice photo shoot ready attire! As we entered the gate, the cows ran away, which I figured they would – BUT even when cows leave, you know what they leave behind? Yea, that’s right…all their cow patties! The grass was covered with their waste! I mean it was all over and they have a 2 year old son. Now most families would see this mess and say, “Get me outta here!” but this very easy going couple was able to see past the b.s. (um, I mean c.s.) and recognize this location for the pretty place it truly is! I appreciated their awesome attitude! And man, what amazing photos! It looks liked I hired professional models, doesn’t it?? This blessed couple is expecting their second little boy mid-May. I absolutely love how their maternity photo shoot turned out!

parents kissing big brother happy family intimate relationship between mother and son gorgeous light professional picture true beauty baby bump (1 of 1) creative posing cow pasture



Maternity photo shoot with the cows!