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Your little newborn will only be this tiny for a few short weeks, and you’ll want to remember how he looked when he first entered your world. These days are filled with magic, but they pass all too quickly. You’ll want to capture how his tiny body fit so perfectly in your arms, how he made those adorable facial expressions, and the way you both gazed at him with such overwhelming love.
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Being a mother herself, Linnae understands that time passes quickly, and parents naturally forget all the expressions and interactions of each special milestone. As a portrait photographer, she strives to capture natural, authentic images that bring back a flood of emotions. A newborn portrait session is the perfect way to capture the beauty, sweetness, and intense emotions of this special time as timeless art. A family usually likes to hold their session in the comfort of their home. It’s personalized and convenient.

There are so many magical milestones to capture in the first year with the brand new addition to your family. A newborn is adorable while sleeping soundly, curled-up in womb like poses, and swaddled snugly as a tiny bundle of joy. At six months, your baby’s personality starts to shine. Your baby can sit on his own, and give a variety of sweet animated expressions. At nine months, there’s the fun-filled curious stage, when your baby will be crawling and pulling himself up into a standing position. At twelve months, your baby is celebrating his very first birthday, standing on his own, and possibly even taking his first steps! Every stage is precious and worthy of being captured with professional photography that will become so much more meaningful to you once these fleeting moments have passed.Call Linnae Designs at 828-230-1462 to schedule your newborn photography session. See samples of newborn photography here.


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