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2 Tips for Choosing Outfits for Your Spring Photo Shoot

Choosing Outfits Spring Photo Shoot

I grew up in South Florida where it was almost the same temperature all year round – HOT! – Ok, sometimes it was mildly hot and other times it was very, very hot, but the point is, it was always some form of “hot”.

I love the weather here in the Western North Carolina mountains because of the variety. But it can also be a little unpredictable.

Each season, it’s like Mother Earth is allowing us to get used to the new temps in the same way I like to get into a cool pool. I take a step in, hang out a bit, take another tiny step forward, relax, get comfortable, and just ease my way in.

Mother Nature is doing the same thing with the spring weather this year. A warm day, then a cool one, then a warmer, almost summer-ish day, followed by an even cooler one.

When the weather is so unpredictable, it can be hard to decide what to wear for your photo shoot. Here are two tips that have worked well for my clients:

Prepare some layering options
Let’s say you’ve picked out some pastel-colored spring attire for your family – sleeveless dresses for your daughters, and slacks and short sleeves for you and your hubby. If you find out it’s going to be colder than anticipated on shoot day, you can have the kiddos wear tights under their dresses with lightweight sweater over top, and you and your husband switch to long-sleeved shirts or throw on jackets.
Choose warmth over chill
If the adorable outfits you’ve chosen for your family won’t work with layers, it’s best to choose warmer outfits rather than to wear spring outfits and be cold. When people, especially small children, are cold, they don’t look relaxed. Their cheeks turn red and they tend to put their hands in their pockets, which limits their ability to express themselves. They can also become more cranky (parents, too!). It’s a much better choice to choose new outfits rather than to be cold during your photo shoot.

prepare for your maternity photo shoot wear long sleeves spring clothes that keep you warm keep warm during photo sessionLinnae Designs Spring photo session
Spring is a lovely time for your family’s photo session. The foliage is green, yet it’s not too hot. For more information, please contact Linnae Harris at 828-230-1262 or EMAIL



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