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When is the best time for Newborn Pictures?

Choosing the best time for Newborn Pictures can be challenging.

Some newborn photographers will insist that you bring your baby to their studio within the first two weeks after they are born. They want your baby to be very, very sleepy so they can place baby into those cute curly poses.

As a lifestyle photographer, I don’t have this 2 weeks  rule. I will be photographing your baby and family in a more natural way so it’s not as important to rush to schedule your Newborn photo shoot, if you don’t want to.

For my style of photography, there isn’t actually one perfect time that suits everyone. You can determine which time frame works best for all of you. I will give you some pros and cons for each time. If you decide to wait, that is fine, just be sure to take lots of pictures yourself so you capture those first few weeks. This time passes very quickly and your baby will get bigger and change each day.

When deciding when to schedule your professional photo session, here are some things to consider:

Under two weeks old

Pros –

It is nice, during a shoot, to get some shots of your baby sleeping. Babies are so darn cute when they sleep. The younger your baby is, the more he or she will sleep.

Your baby will only sleep tight and curly during the first 10-14 days. After that babies get used to stretching out.

Your baby will sleep during most of the shoot which will allow us to move your baby around quite a bit to get a variety of poses and backgrounds. A sleepy baby is a happy baby.

Often you have family members visiting and your husband may take some time off work. It can be helpful to have extra hands during the shoot, especially if you have other children. You may also want your extended family to be in some of the shots.

Cons –

The downside to doing a photo shoot quickly is that you may not feel that great. If this is your first baby, you will be adjusting to a new schedule that involves a lot less sleep than it used to. You may not feel as comfortable and as happy as you normally are, which might show up on camera. Preparing for a photo shoot may feel like an added stress.

You may not feel that well physically, especially if you had a C-section.

baby sleeps on bedaward winning photograph just born babe


Three – Six weeks

Pros –

Waiting has its advantages. You might be a little more organized as the weeks go by and feel more like “yourself” again. You might feel more secure caring for your baby and handling all the details.

I personally think the post-birth bellies are a beautiful reminder of what just happened, but it’s important that YOU feel good about yourself too. You might feel better about your body after a few weeks.


Your baby will most likely be awake during most or all of the session. You babe may not appreciate how much we move him or her around as we shift from one pose and location to another. Baby may not be as happy and may need more breaks for feeding and care but no worries, we can take as many breaks as needed.

daddy holding newborn baby cires baby looks at camera little baby with eyes open

Seven to Twelve weeks


Some parents like to wait a little longer to capture more of their baby’s personality. This age range is a great age to capture a more alert baby, with open eyes and maybe a smile or two. Interactions with parents and siblings (and pets!) will be a lot different too.

You will be more experienced taking your baby on outings and may choose to have your photo shoot take place outdoors, rather than in your home.


Your little one will not be a newborn anymore. If you wanted to capture their newborn flaky skin, their teeny, tiny fingers, and how your baby curled up when he or she slept, you might have missed that window. Hopefully you will have your own pictures that you took.

family sitting on blanket with baby baby laughs baby sleeps in daddys arms

So there are pros and cons for each time frame. The most important thing is to pick the time that suits your family best. The good news is that I am quite flexible and agreeable. You may choose schedule your Newborn session for baby’s second week but then change your mind and push it back to a later day. That’s ok. There’s no additional fees for rescheduling.

If you can’t decide on the best time, why not do an early newborn session, then another shoot when your baby is around 6-8 months when your baby is sitting, and finally a last one around his or her first birthday? A baby plan might be the perfect option for you. You get a FREE Maternity photo session when you book a baby plan. That’s right – no session fee for your Maternity session. Contact me for more details a Maternity & Newborn sessions or a Baby plan.

No matter what you decide its best to contact me and book me before your baby is born, if possible. This way we can get the paperwork and planning taken care of prior to delivery so contact me today to book or ask questions.

Linnae Harris, of Linnae Designs, offers lifestyle family photo shoots at your home or gorgeous outdoor settings. You can see her WORK here.



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