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Does a photo session sound stressful?

Want great photos but worry the shoot might be stressful?

What if during the photo shoot your family is CRaZY and moody and your kids don’t get along? Maybe you’re worried that your child won’t cooperate or might have a meltdown during our session? Trying to get your family to be happy and cooperative can seem stressful and chaotic. Does having a photo session sound stressful?

If just thinking about a typical photo shoot causes your blood pressure to rise…relax. Pause and take a deep breath. This won’t be one of those kinds of photo sessions.

Perhaps you’ve had a photo shoot in the past and the photographer lined you up and adjusted your positions just so. She wanted everyone to hold still and smile at the camera. After about 30 seconds of this, your children had enough and started to wiggle and act out.

I am not that type of photographer.

I feel it’s more important to have fun and feel relaxed while you’re getting your pictures taken! I’m focused on capturing authentic expression and connection between family members so I will encourage everyone to just be themselves.

From the start, I will give enough instruction so your family knows what to do, but not so many directions that you look stiff. I do this by suggesting movement, simple games and prompts that allow you to interact, while also looking good. I will encourage you to be spontaneous so if you feel the urge to tickle your toddler, you lean over and just do it! I’ll create opportunities for natural interaction between you and your family members so you can chill and let your love and affection shine.

I can also sense when your child or baby just isn’t feeling it. If this happens, I will suggest that we shift gears and try something else. We won’t ever force a moment.

Your son may be feeling shy and clingy at the beginning, so that’s a great time to get those quiet, still moments with cuddling. He may even turn his face away from the camera. And that’s ok. I’m calm and patient. I will use soft encouragement and humor. As your child warms up to me and my camera, we will keep exploring different spots and activities to help your child feel comfortable.

Or perhaps you have an extroverted child with energy to spare. She has trouble sitting still and talks non-stop. Have no fear, I can work with your child, too! I feel it’s important to let “kids be kids” so their true personality can come out. I’ll get her running, playing, climbing and playing games that look good on camera. When you see your photos, you’ll be amazed all the ways her personality shines through.  

As a mom and an x-teacher, I have loads of experience dealing with all kinds of personalities. Don’t worry, your kids don’t have to act perfectly and they don’t have to be still.  Just show up, be open and prepare to have fun!

I am the owner of Linnae Designs. I create Artistically Inspired Portraiture and I’m able to capture amazing moments when everyone is relaxed, calm and having fun. If you would like to contact me about photographing your family, please click HERE. Let’s chat. I’d love to learn about what makes your family unique.    

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