Hiya moms-to be,

Often an expectant couple know in advance that they’d like to have professional photographs taken when they are welcoming a new baby. That’s why I developed a couple awesome Photography Baby Plans to help you save a little moola! I thought it would be helpful, though, to answer some of the more common questions I’m get about the plans.

Questions about my Baby Plan
Here’s the LINK so you can access what the Baby Plan includes.

1. What if you don’t really want a Maternity session, but you are interested in the Baby sessions?
No worries. For both of the Baby Plans, you can swap out the Maternity session for a Baby’s First Year session. These shoots take place any time in the first year.

2. Can you add more sessions to Baby’s First Year or add a Pregnancy Announcement shoot?
Absolutely. Yes, you can add as many sessions as you like. The session fee would only be $87 per session. Some ideals times for Baby sessions are once your baby can sit up, starts to crawl and on or near baby’s first birthday.

3. What if I only want one session?
If you are interested in just a Maternity session or just a Newborn session, you can certainly do that but you won’t get any of the free gift items (digital birth announcement, slideshow, phone app). You will still get the Lifetime membership which gives you 50% off of all future session fees.

4. Do you have a Layaway plan?
Yes, I do offer layaway for the Digital File Collections, Prints and Products. It’s a very relaxed plan. Pay what you can, when you can. Just have it paid off in 3 months. You will get your files & prints then.

I don’t have a layaway plan for the session fee. This is paid before the shoots and is required to book the Baby Plan. I do accept credit cards, so hopefully that will help.

5. How far in advance do I need to book?
Maternity sessions
Ideally you would book your Baby Plan or Maternity session about 3-4 months before your due date. The session would take place 6-8 weeks before your due date.

Newborn sessions
Book your session 1-2 months before your due date. Since we most likely won’t know the exact date of your delivery and won’t know how you are feeling then, the actual shoot date won’t be scheduled that far in advance. Instead, you will contact me after you’re back home and feel ready for the shoot. We choose a date then usually within the week.

6. Where would the photos take place?
About 3-4 weeks before the photo shoot we would schedule a time to chat by phone. This would be the time for me to hear about your photography dreams and preferences.

The Maternity session can take place outdoors at a place meaningful for you or I have plenty of favorite spots I can suggest. Some women choose to have the session in their home for a more intimate, private locale.

Most women prefer to have their Newborn session take place in your own home so it’s convenient, personal and comfortable. If you want gorgeous outdoor photography though, we can do that.

7. What else do I photograph?
I absolutely love to photograph pregnant women, babies and their families. This is my passion. I love when a family hires me to capture the beginning of their family and then they ask me to come back year after year and I get to watch those kiddos grow up.

In addition to photographing families, from time to time, these precious clients of mine will ask me to photograph their extended family reunions and take business portraits for them. I don’t photograph weddings, pets, or houses.

Hopefully I’ve answered any questions you might have about my Baby Plan. If not, please reach out and give me a call! I’d love to hear from you.

Want to see some samples of my MATERNITY and NEWBORN photography?

Photography Baby Plans