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The thought of trying to coordinate a normal family photography session can seem daunting. There’s the date selection, outfit coordination, and the inconvenient timing of good light. 

Coordinating an extended family session with more than just your nuclear family may seem insurmountable. I’m here to tell you 5 good reasons why you should absolutely consider scheduling an extended family session this year. 

extended family session at The cliffs in Arden, nc

Reason 1: Your Parents

Grandparents grew up in the age of film where professional photography wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Many haven’t been in front of a camera since your (or your siblings’) wedding day. Sure, they have likely been in countless iPhone pictures with the grandkids. However, it’s also nice to have an updated heirloom quality portrait of just them too! I am also willing to bet they’d love one of your family for their home.

grandparents with twin babies

Reason 2: Couples’ Portraits

Speaking of your wedding day, when was the last time you had a few portraits of yourselves? Imagine being able to relax in front of the camera while someone else makes sure your kid doesn’t jump in a mud puddle. Extended family session to the rescue! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins are on toddler duty while you have your moment in front of my lens.

Reason Three: Cousins

Your kid is adorable, that’s for sure. Siblings loving on each other are adorable. But cousins? Cousins take it up a notch. Not only will you get individual portraits of your children during an extended family session, but you get to take advantage of all the cousins being together and document that as well! And imagine all the kiddos with the grandparents! That’s a shot everyone wants!

Reason Four: Camaraderie

Extended family sessions are just plain fun. When there is downtime, there are all your closest people hanging around to laugh and chat with. Your kid won’t smile? There are lots of funny family members to make faces and hop on one foot. I’ll be sure to weave in and around the chaos capturing candids as well as the posed shots.

Reason Five: Easy Gifts

Because extended family sessions allow for time to photograph the entire family plus each nuclear family, the result is a year’s worth of easy gifts! Family Album for the grandparents, canvas for your brother. Matted and framed print for your sister, picture fridge magnet set for your toddler. Christmas cards? Check. The possibilities are endless!

Want more information about my Extended Family Sessions? Contact me at LINNAE DESIGNS.

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