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As an Asheville photographer, I’m able to help families capture the little moments, expressions and emotions that fill their lives on a daily basis. These every day happenings may seem small and insignificant but as your babies and children grow, they change and mature and may lose some of the facial expressions, habits and looks that were once so much a part of who they are. Let this professional Asheville photographer spend an hour with your family, playing, laughing, relaxing and hanging out. I’ll be able to capture images that will have you feeling just as appreciative as this mom.

I received the loveliest compliment from this little girl’s mom. This is why I do the work that I do! She wrote,

“Thank you for your beautiful work, Linnae! I really appreciate what you do… You captured many of her expressions that I know so well. They may seem subtle to other people (or not so subtle depending on the rapidly changing emotions of a toddler) but they are HER, and it will mean a lot to remember them as she continues to grow and change.

So needless to say it was hard to leave any of the photos out, but I reviewed them and reviewed them and thought about the memories that we are building as a family. We can’t remember every last thing so it helps to have someone who can help us capture classic moments and smiles and facial expressions that make us who we are — especially the pure humanness of a child. It means a lot!”  – Julia K., Spruce Pine, North Carolina


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