Best time for senior pictures?

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Choose the best time for senior pictures.


(in between junior and senior year)

Pros –
Nature is green and flowers are blooming. Most likely, you’re less stressed being out of school and have more free time. Are you a water buff? Can wade, canoe, kayak. Schools have early fall yearbook deadlines so best to have pic senior pictures in the snow taken early if your school allows you to use your own photo (besides the cap and gown pic) and you parents want a photo to use in a parent ad.

summer senior photography
Cons –
It’s hot! You may not quite feel like a senior since you’re last year hasn’t officially started. It’s hot. Did I mention that it’s hot????

fall photography for teensFALL

Pros –
Weather is cooler. Colors in nature are spectacular mid to late October. You’ll get to wear your cool fall outfits! “Layering” your clothes looks awesome in photos and is easier to do this time of year. If you want beautiful autumn colors, be sure to book EARLY!

Cons –
It’s a busy time at the start of the year for you and for me. By early November, it gets dark by dinner time.


Pros –
It’s a slow time of year so may be easy to fit into your schedule. Snow pictures are unique and can be super fun! Many gorgeous trees bloom early to mid March. If you want an urban setting, it will look similar year round so the time of year isn’t quite as important If you want pictures for graduation announcements and invitations, you will have plenty of turn around time.

senior pictures in the snow
Cons –
bbbbbbrrrrrrrr – need I say more?

its spring


Pros –
Weather warms up and everything is green again around mid – April. Lots of pretty blooming trees and flowers. Some teens like to bring their prom formal wear as one of their outfits so show their dressy side. You will receive your cap and gowns towards the end of the year. Since this is a once in a lifetime experience, its great to include some shots of you wearing it.

spring senior pictures

Cons –
It’s a very busy time for seniors! If you want pictures for graduation announcements and invitations, there may not be enough time to get your cards before graduation. The turn around time might be too quick.

So when is the best time for senior pictures? ANYTIME! It’s all up to you just be sure to book early. Contact me at CONTACT for more info.

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