How to choose the
best web designer for you.

My sister isn’t a web designer and digital marketer and had no clue what should be on her website and it seems her designer apparently didn’t know either. A year later and my sister was still tweaking and refining her site because she was so unhappy with it.

From day one, you will know who the designer/marketing pro is. I’ll be walking you through a deep dive process to create the foundation for your new website. With your finely-tuned copy and amazing imagery, your site will attract your ideal clients to you like its magic.

Don't worry, you don’t need to know how you want your new website to look at this point. That’s what our work together will determine.


Who is leading the show?


You will want to be clear on each designers’ offerings so you can compare apples to apples. Are you just getting the website design or are you getting the whole kit and caboodle?

We’ll have at least ten hours of 1:1 zoom calls where we’ll discuss branding strategy, business practices and marketing, as well as many communications about your new rocking website.

You get a great designer and a knowledgeable coach all rolled into one. Let’s party!

What services do they offer?

I'm really EXCITED, Linnae. Something in me snapped yesterday. Pieces fell into place. You said exactly the right words, paired with where I am in this season of life -- and it's clicked..... you said something about who I was put on this earth to serve and nurture. That's soul-deep, love language level there. I can't WAIT to get this business of mine chugging along doing what it needs to do.  

-Lauren Benson 



Do you really want to work with a designer who doesn’t know your trade and business? Someone who doesn’t understand what your clients want and what they’re looking for?

As a practicing professional photographer myself, I truly understand your needs and desires.

I “get” how you love every one of your photos and it’s just so frickin’ hard to cull for your online gallery.

I understand how challenging it is to develop your niche, style and differentiator. I’ve been there. I struggled through all those online exercises.

It took me forever to develop systems to run my business efficiently and to find successful marketing that helped me to grow.

I did the work and figured things out, but I did it alone. It took me SO much longer than it needed to. I wish I hired a coach in my early career, but I wanted to save money. I didn’t feel I was worth spending the money on myself and my business. It’s a regret that I live with.  I HOPE YOU DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE. 

I understand where you’re at in your career right now. You’re ready to make some BIG changes. Let me help you. You’re worth it.

Click the button below and schedule a call. Let’s see if we’re a good fit. Do it now. What are you waiting for? :-)


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The top 5 most important things for a website.

In today’s world with so many online choices, you have to make sure your above-the-fold plan is solid.

What is above-the-fold anyways? This is a term that refers to the printed newspaper. When the paper is folded, everything you can see on top is called “above-the-fold” and it’s the most important part of the paper. 

With websites, the "above the fold" area is what you can see before you start scrolling. as being the most important part of your site.