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2 Tips for better vacation pictures

You’re on vacation with your family. You’re in a gorgeous, interesting place and you’re dying to capture some amazing photos of your kids – but they aren’t having it. They’re put out, cranky and just plain surly. Photographing kids can be a real pain adventure!

Imagine you’re at the Biltmore estate on a beautiful spring day with all the tulips and your kid woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Or you’re at a family gathering and your kid is getting tired and grouchy. Or you’re finally getting to see the Grand Canyon and you really want to capture your family in this amazing place but your kids don’t seem happy. I guarantee that if you tell them to look at the camera and say “cheese” you won’t get the results you want. Your goal is to capture real joy, not a fake smile or a flat out sourpuss face.

Moments like this happen frequently when I’m photographing a family during their session. Here are my two favorite tricks for capturing authentic, beautiful moments despite grumpy kids. Get better vacation pictures now!

  1.   First, if your little one just had a meltdown or is feeling moody, why not give him some space? Give him a few minutes to look around and explore the space. Stay further away and capture some photos that include the environment. This will allow you and your child time to calm down and find some peace. You’ll want pictures that show the location anyway, so just back up, start shooting and stay quiet.

If you loosen up on your expectations of what you hoped to capture, you might be pleasantly surprised. It’s ok if your child isn’t smiling in all the photos. Kids aren’t happy all the time and neither are adults. You might be able to capture some happy, smiling pictures later but for right now, embrace their mood.

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  1. This next piece of advice is going to sound very simplistic but if you are feeling tense from a prior melt down, you may not think to do this. Once you and your child have calmed down, start to play with them. From a kid’s point of view, having their picture taken is “sooooooo boring”! So it’s your job to make it fun. Lighten the mood with some playfulness.

Ask them to dance, play “peek-a-boo,” or pop up and try to scare you. Or try to surprise  them, toss them in the air or throw them over your shoulder.

And when all else fails, remember: tickling works on almost all kids 🙂

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