Black bear cub in my back yard, oh my!


Around 1 pm today,  I got a text from my next door neighbor; she said a bear was in my back yard.  I wasn’t home then but a few hours later, the kids and I were eating dinner on our back porch and we had an uninvited guest. We ran to our basement to get a better look. It came right to the house…and apparently it found its dinner too…’s so cute…..

In this last picture, the cub was standing right on the other side of the glass door (3 feet away). My camera was having trouble focusing because the cub was walking and I was shooting through the glass. The kids sat down at the door and we just watched it and it watched us for a minute. Then it turned around and walked into the woods.

This mama and cubs was at a neighbor’s house a week or so ago. She was eating from their garden.


Let me capture you family. You’ll end up with connected, love-filled photos and we’ll have a blast at the same time!

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