Playing dress up in Mom’s wedding dress


Many families don’t think about having their portrait taken in the winter when the scenery is drab, brown and unappealing. Here in the mountains, there are still some beautiful areas and taking pictures when there’s … Read More

To crop or not to crop….


When printing your fabulous photographs, keep in mind that images may look different when printed at different sizes. Below┬áis a great visual of a photo crop comparison chart. This guide is a great reference to … Read More

Cute Kids in a Red Wagon

linnaedesignsChildren, Personal

I thought I’d snap a few photos of my own kids while I had the red wagon and balloons from my last photo shoot. It’s so much harder to photograph my own kids. Why is … Read More

Family Portrait at Biltmore Lake

linnaedesignsFamily, Seniors and Teens

It’s time to bundle up near a warm fire…..take walks in the brisk afternoon…….admire the beautiful autumn colors of the leaves…….and it’s time to throw those beautifully colored leaves on the youngest kid in the … Read More