It’s raining bears!


I can’t seem to stay away from these two babies. I hung out in my car while they hung out in a tree close by. I got to see them play with each other by … Read More

Bear Stalker!


I think I’ve become a bear stalker. I visited their temporary home 5 times today. They are so fun to watch. At one point this evening, the 2 cubs were on the ground and I … Read More

More bear sightings!


I went for a walk this morning and a man was looking up at a tree. When I looked up, I saw two bear cubs. I as surprised because this tree is in someone’s front … Read More

Lightroom Presets


I’m a fairly new user to Adobe’s Lightroom. I’ve known about the program for years but had no desire to learn another software program; I felt like my mind was stuffed to capacity -filled with … Read More