Can I have the digital files?

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Can I have the digital files?

Dear potential client,

I’m glad you found me. You might have seen one of my displays in a local business, was referred by a friend or found my site through a Google search. And for that, I am truly happy.

I have no crystal ball, yet, I know what you will ask when you contact me for information about what I do. At some point in our phone conversation or your email inquiry, you will ask “Can I have the digital files?” And I am pleased to tell you that “Yes, you can have the files”.

YES! Yes, you can.
And I get it. I love being able to to own my files, to have them on my computer so I can look at them any time I want. I want to be able to show the pictures off on social media. I want to be able to make prints and wall collages. So yes, you will be able to do all that.

You will be able to purchase a Digital File Collection that matches your needs and budget. I’m happy to share the Collection pricing with you too. Just as for it. With your Collection, you will get high resolution files of your very own. You are welcome then to make your own prints or buy your prints and products through me.

I worry though.
I love being able to give my clients the files BUT I am concerned that some of them may not EVER print any pictures. They plan to. They want to, but they get busy or overwhelmed and for some reason the files just sit on their hard drive and never adorn their walls or albums.

We don’t know what will happen to technology in the future. I have discs filled with home videos that I can’t play any more. I have a floppy disc filled with vacation pictures but no longer have a drive that can open them. The point is technology changes, but paper doesn’t.

Digital images are MEANT to be a temporary method of storage: many things can go wrong with digital media leaving you in a lurch with a ton of images that were never printed; images that will never be displayed in your beautiful home; images that will never be archived and made permanent.

Print out your favorite photos
You will be given a print release form so that you can take your files and have them printed anywhere but the question is, will you? Will you take that extra step and make prints, canvases, and photo books? If that seems too time consuming and confusing, no worries! I offer all kinds of amazing products. If you are local, you will get a chance to see samples in person during your Ordering appointment.

Awesome products
Before your session is the best time to start thinking about how you would like to display your amazing photographs. I have some great products that can be added-on to your Digital File Collections.

Wall art
Use the space where you spend the most of your time to display the images you love. Print your very favorite image to hang above your fireplace or couch or let me help you design a wall grouping.

canvas wrap professionally framed prints canvases wall collage

Small prints and Albums
If you are anything like me, it is hard to decide on a print or two, so why not print them all out and store them in a photo box. Or try an album. Albums are a great way to display all of your images at once. I offer a variety of products designed to showcase and preserve your families’ memories. Give yourself the gift of your most cherished moments, adventures, love, and family.

 photo box of prints make prints

professional photo albums


So dear potential client, I hope to hear from you soon. You can call me at 828-230-1462 or EMAIL. Let’s plan your family’s photo session and let’s talk about how you will display your lovely images once we’re done.


Let me capture you family. You’ll end up with connected, love-filled photos and we’ll have a blast at the same time!

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