Tween with spring blooms

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A couple weeks ago my daughter asked me to take her to the pet store because she bought a fish tank and wanted some fish. I didn’t feel like going so I said “No”. She … Read More

Rainy Sunday afternoon

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What do two creative kids and their asheville photographer mom do on a rainy day? Well, my son woke up Sunday morning bitten by a cleaning bug. Without any nagging or even suggestions from me, … Read More

My son, the writer


Early morning, wrapped like a caterpillar in his cocoon, my son works on his first book. Anyone who knows my son can probably guess what the book is about…..not about bunnies, planes or superheros…..any guesses? … Read More

Cute Kids in a Red Wagon

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I thought I’d snap a few photos of my own kids while I had the red wagon and balloons from my last photo shoot. It’s so much harder to photograph my own kids. Why is … Read More