4 ways to choose the Best Maternity and Newborn photographer.

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Pregnancy is a special time of your life and during this time, you are at your most natural, feminine and beautiful self. During your pregnancy, your hair is rich and thicker, your breasts are fuller, your skin is glowing and your body has more curves. Having a professional maternity photo shoot is a great way to remember your pregnancy and chronicle your journey to motherhood.

Hi. I’m Linnae Harris and I would love to be your photographer of choice, but I recognize that I may not be the best fit for you so I’ve put together some things to consider when choosing the best Maternity and Newborn photographer for you.

Things to Consider.

Style of photography
Choose a photographer whose style most resonates with you. There are so many styles out there—do you like a studio look, in home sessions, beautifully lit outdoors, classic black and white, artistic and moody or traditional posed? By choosing your photographer by style, you can be assured that you will get images you want.

Find a Specialist
Browse the photographer’s website to get a feel for her past experience and areas of expertise. If she has a variety of examples from maternity and newborn sessions, that’s a good sign. Experienced shooters will be familiar with the most flattering angles for your pregnant body and will know how to work with newborns.

Beware of cut price photographers
PLEASE don’t be tempted to cut corners by hiring anyone who doesn’t do photography professionally, as their main job, or who offers incredibly cheap prices.

I believe that you get what you pay for in this life. If someone proclaims to offer a newborn session including files for as little as $200-$400, alarm bells should start ringing in your head!

Choose a professional photographer and someone who is a specialist in maternity/newborn photography. If someone is good at their job, and in demand, their prices will reflect that. Cut-price photographers are likely to offer a second-grade service. Would you want to settle for that?

Unfortunately, some amateur photographers do not follow basic safety rules and it is well worth paying for a real professional.

Start early
Look into your options at the end of your first trimester, so you have plenty of time to research and compare different photographers, ask questions and address concerns. Is her website professional, easy to navigate and have lots of good maternity/newborn photography? How experienced is she? How does she price and what’s included?

Popular maternity/newborn photographers get booked up months in advance. Don’t fall into the trap of identifying the perfect photographer only to discover that they have no availability.

I’m generally booked 1-2 months in advance so if you are considering me as your photographer, no need to wait. Contact me early! I would love to chat!

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