Concerned about how you’ll look on camera?

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You’re concerned about how you’ll look on camera.

You want to have family photos taken but you feel self-conscious and have doubts about how you’ll look. In the past, you haven’t always been happy with your appearance and you aren’t sure you want to invest your money in something that may not turn out well.

I get it. I really do – because I feel the same way! I like being behind the camera rather than in front of it, but I force myself to have my picture taken from time to time because I know how important it is for my kids. When they grow up and have families of their own, they are going to look back at our family pictures and I want them to see photos of me, too. I want them to see great images of me hugging them and smiling. I want them to have that tangible proof of how much I loved them. That’s what important.

I won’t always be around. It’s hard to think about that but it’s the reality. I treasure the photos I have with my parents especially because they aren’t around any more. Those images mean so much to me. From my perspective, those photos don’t show any flaws. My dad was always self-conscious of his nose but I don’t see that. My mom didn’t like the back of her neck and her chin. I only see my wonderful mother.

Your kids and spouse love you for who you are. They can’t see whatever it is that you feel you need to hide. They love you even if you feel you’re imperfect.

Now just to reassure you a bit… I do want you to look your best! I don’t want you to think that you looking good isn’t important at all. It is. I just want to keep that idea in perspective.

Before our photo session, I’ll give you tips on picking flattering clothing that coordinates with the rest of your family. During the photo shoot, I’ll offer pointers on the best way to stand and hold your body. I’ll use angles that flatter and high quality lens designed for beautiful portraits.

But during the shoot, my focus won’t be on making sure you’re posed to perfection. Instead I’ll be helping you to feel relaxed and have fun. I’m more interested in how you look when you are snuggling your little babe.

Your husband will love how you wrap your arms around your kiddos while snuggling on the blanket.

Your parents will love how your eyes crinkle when you laugh deeply as you tickle your son.

Your friends will love how your hair blows as you chase your daughter.

And your children will see a mom who loves them very much. A mom who put aside her insecurities because she knows it’s more important to create amazing pictures that they can treasure forever.

If you’re ready to let go of your worries and concern, please contact me and let’s chat. Let me help you to see how beautiful you really are. Let me show you how the rest of the world sees you.

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Let me capture you family. You’ll end up with connected, love-filled photos and we’ll have a blast at the same time!

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