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Yippee! You are finally going to be able to round up your extended family members in the same place, at the same time. Perhaps you live in Asheville or maybe all of you will be visiting from out of town. You might be gathering for an 80th birthday, a 50th wedding anniversary or a long-awaited reunion.

Multi-generational family photo shoot.

One big happy family.

As you pack a suitcase filled with matching outfits for your family photo shoot, you may ask, “Is it really worth it?”

While the logistics of getting everyone together and "on board" can be challenging, just know that this is your tribe. The people who love you best. 

Getting your dramatic aunts, crazy uncles, wild kids, and tired grandparents together and smiling all at the same time seems nearly impossible, and not at all fun BUT trust me, we will make it fun!  

 It's definitely worth the extra effort. Your photo session experience will be easy peasy and you’ll end up with amazing pictures of all the people you love best.

Anyone can take photos nowadays, right? But it takes a special kind of photographer to truly capture you, your family, and your connection in a unique artistic manner.

Only an experienced (25+ years) photographer, like myself will be able to provide you with: a phenomenal experience, a session info guide, styling tips so you look amazing, expert management of all the people and groupings; posed and artistic, lifestyle candids.

I’ll capture all the special relationships within your crazy, chaotic family in a fun and relaxed manner. Your spouses won’t have to just “grin and bear it”. The kiddos will have so much fun, they’ll feel they’re on a play date. And best of all, you’ll end up with swoon-worthy photographs that you’re proud to hang over your fireplace. 

Its SO DANG worth it!

Your family reunion photo shoot can take place at your home, rental home or one of the many beautiful outdoor spots that I love to use.

No matter the location, I’ll weave in and around the happy chaos of your large family to capture the special relationships and moments unfolding. This will be the family outing unlike any other.

Great  locations.

I’ll shoot a mixture of posed and candid shots capturing the WHOLE family. You will end up with a wonderful variety of photos with the whole extended family, shots of each individual family/couple, the grandchildren together and by themselves, grandchildren with grandparents, etc. The possibilities are endless!

This is a great session for capturing the whole crew and for getting beautiful photos of just your immediate family! 

Posed and candid poses.

Shhh… I have a secret to tell you! I have a superpower. I’m able to channel your kid’s natural exuberant energy by using movement and play. This keeps the session very relaxed and fun. Your kids will feel like they’re on a play date, not at a super boring photo shoot. My goal is to “not” get them to sit still – which means you can relax, too!

Kids don't have to behave perfectly.

Pricing is super simple.
No complicated packages to compare.
No need to agonise over trying to choose your favorites. 
Instead you'll get ALL the files!
 You can then order ala carte prints and products through me,
or if you're a DIY kind of gal, you can order your own prints.
Inquire for full pricing. No pressure sales EVER!

for large family groups
who live in multiple households.

Session is for EXTENDED FAMILIES with multiple households.

One to two hours long. Allows plenty of time for playfulness, breaks and ton of fun!

Can take place at your home, rental home, hotel, outdoors, any Asheville area location.

Each household will receive a DVD with the high resolution digital files. No need to choose your favorites. 

Make your own prints or order from the online gallery.

Families will spend $850 - $1250 depending on the size of your group. Please inquire below for detailed pricing.


Price is based on the size of your group. 

photo session pricing


Even though I'm a creative,
I'm not the air-head scattered type.
Instead I'm very organized and thorough.
I know you're busy and your to-do list is longer than my arm
so I've make this entire photo session process easy, peasy!

You'll get a beautiful digital magazine that will help you prepare,
a pre-session phone consultation and about a week after the shoot, everyone in your group will be able to see the images in an online gallery.
Everyone will be getting a copy of the digital files and you can order prints and products though me - or take care of your own printing needs. 

from the

Huffine Family

"I LOVE the photos that Linnae was able to capture! They really captured us as a family in this time in our lives. Life is crazy, but beautifully perfect and our photos show that. I love our photos. They are SO us!"



from the

Hutchison Family

"Just wanted to say THANKS! I was impressed by the job you did on the day of our shoot. I honestly wasn't feeling very much like taking photos that day but you were really upbeat, and you got the most out of us! I think the photos came out great. You are a fantastic photographer."



from the

Neumann Family

"I can't begin to express how much I absolutely LOVE these photos!!! You have a true talent and we had such a great time working with you. You were so great with the boys and I honestly can say this is the first time I have gone through a photo gallery of pictures where I loved every single one!!!"



from the

Bowers Family

"Linnae was a total pro, and we were put at ease by her guidance during the shoot. She helped us to feel natural, and encouraged us to be ourselves. Even during a full blown toddler meltdown, she knew what to do and seemed un-phased."



Since I live in this beautiful mountain city that everyone wants to visit,
a third of the families I photograph are tourists.
This means I’ve gained experience and developed special practices that are geared specifically towards families, like yours,
that are visiting my fair city. I'll be able to guide you through this experience and point out things you may not have even considered.

If these images resonate with you, then just scroll on down to the very bottom and fill out the contact form! 

 Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with me? Shoot me an email right here and I’ll send you a gorgeous e-magazine with all the juicy details! Or ready to book a session? Let me know what time frame works best for you.

Linnae Harris
Asheville, North Carolina