Finding cool new locations for photo shoots


I love my job! As I drive around town, I am always on the look out for new locations that I can use for photography shoots. The other day I had an extra hour before I had to pick up my kiddos from school, so I decided to try to find this neat, old fashioned gas station that I passed a couple months back. I knew the general location and was able to locate it fairly quickly. It’s a cool lookin’ spot to have your oil changed. What smart marketing. It’s hard to miss when you drive by and I’m sure it attracts the car enthusiast with the old hot rod and sheriff car parked in the front.

It attracted me for an altogether different reason. I’m going to be photographing some high school students soon and I think they may really like this spot for their senior picture session. Imagine a teen guy dressed in a cool James Dean style white tee with slicked back hair and straight legged jeans rolled at the bottom. We can skip the cigarette pack rolled under the sleeve of his t-shirt. I can envision him leaning against the gas pump with his arms crossed.

awesome outdoor location for senior photo shoot at old fashioned gas station

This is the other spot I found that day. This small junk yard has lots of old rusty cars and trucks…perfect venue for what I have in mind.  I met the owner. He is a sweet 80 year old man and he seemed receptive to allowing me to bring my senior clients there to be photographed. I think the guys and the gals will like this spot. Sometimes its nice to have a girl dressed in her fancy prom dress sitting in a beat up truck with her arm hanging out the window. The difference between her dressy outfit and the surroundings can create an interesting contrast. Can you visualize it? I can.

If any of you know of any other spot in or around Asheville, that might make good spot for photo shoots leave a reply below. Thanks.

junk yard location for high school senior pictures in asheville


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