Getting a great Profile Picture

Photography Clients

Social media is the ideal place to share your photos with friends and family. Use these tips to ensure you’re posting your best pictures, especially the one that serves as your online first impression—your profile picture!

  • Get in close
    The profile picture is quite small – consider taking a close-up of your face or upper body for easier recognition.

Know your angles

  • Lower your front shoulder slightly to create more dynamic angles and elongate your neck.
  • Keep your body turned to the side and your face toward the camera.
  • Lower your head to accentuate your eyes, or raise your chin to make your lips appear fuller.


  • When shooting indoors, avoid overhead lights when possible. Ceiling light can cast shadows that distort images and add unwanted shading.
  • Use floor lamps and soft lighting in order to get the perfect glow.
  • Taking your photo outdoors on an overcast day or in the shade provides a nice, natural looking light.


  • Pay attention to what is directly behind you. Keep your background simple. A wall or nature can be good choices. You want the background to enhance, not distract.


  • The best way to appear relaxed in your profile picture is by smiling! You’ll invite positive feedback and exude confidence.

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