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I’m sure all the other northern photographers will be able to relate to this. I’m a family and baby photographer and every winter my business dies. I really wanted to try to improve this situation, so this past winter I offered a few heavily discounted sessions. The shoots took place indoors at the client’s home. I knew that I needed to have samples of home sessions on my website in order for potential clients to hire me during the cold months. I wanted these moms to see that I could create beautiful, emotive photos in their home.

I live in the mountains so up until this point, I have been know for my beautiful outdoor settings. I still like to photograph outdoors during nice weather, but for practical financial reasons I wanted to add home sessions into the mix too.

This family had a close, easy going relationship with one another and a cute, playful interaction with their boys.

During my outdoor sessions, I tend to use a lot of movement and prompts to initiate natural interactions between the family members. I tried it this time too, but the kids kept running into different rooms and because the space was smaller, it was harder to keep them in my frame as they moved around.

I then had to shift gears and stick with safe interactions like reading and snuggling. I found it a bit more challenging indoors than shooting outdoors, but I’m sure over time this would improve. I’ve been making a list of simple prompts I can use that are geared specifically for indoors sessions.

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