Your hubby isn’t into it.

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Hubby isn’t into it.

You really want to do a family photo shoot, but your hubby isn’t into it. He’s not interested, acts grumpy and complains. He just doesn’t like getting his pictures taken.

What can you do? It’s been so long and your kids are growing up. You want to have some nice family photos. How can you get him on board?

You can be yourself
First, you can reassure him that this won’t be the kind of shoot where everyone has to be on their best behavior, acts perfectly, holds very still and tries to look natural. Instead this will be a time when your family can just be yourselves. I mean really and truly be yourselves.

One of the reasons your husband may not want to do the shoot, is because he’s worried the kids will act out and it will become stressful. I’m a lifestyle photographer which means that I’ll encourage you to just be with your kids in natural ways. They’ll be invited to move around and play, which makes them more happy and cooperative.

I’ll ask him how he likes to play with the kids. Does he like to throw them up in the air, tickle them, chase after them? Does he have a special hand shake that he does with your son? Does he like to hold your daughter upside down by one foot because it causes her to giggle uncontrollably?

By allowing natural play, your husband will feel comfortable and might even find himself having fun!

Will it take a long time?
He might be concerned that the session will take a really long time. It’s true, we do need a significant amount of time to be able to capture a variety of poses, interactions and locations – but the time will fly. We’ll keep things moving and upbeat. And you know that time flies when you’re having fun.

And if it seems we’ve lost the kids’ interest and their mood has turned sour, we’ll wrap things up quickly – no worries!

Will it cost a lot?
Perhaps your hubby doesn’t mind getting his picture taken but he’s concerned about the cost.

One of my clients persuaded her husband by reminding him that they have lots of phone pictures but one of them is always behind the camera. They have very few good quality pictures of the whole family.

Let him know my prices upfront. Feel free to contact me for a full price list. You can also let him know that I offer a layaway plan. It’s very simple. Pay what you can, when you can. Just have your Digital File Collection paid for within 3 months. You will get your files once it’s paid for.

Once he’s on board

Once he’s had a change of heart, please contact me – or better yet, let him contact me! I would love to chat and put him further at ease. Let’s get your family session booked and discuss how we can make this a special time for all of you.

Please note – this hubby was fully on board and seemed to enjoy our photo shoot! 🙂

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