When a snapshot isn't enough....  

Maternity & newborn photography that makes your heart sing!

Maternity and newborn portraits allow you to preserve this moment for your child. Allow them into your world so they can see the very start of their life story. Let them see their magical beginning.

Document your journey so when your baby grows up and asks you what this time was like, you can point to your maternity pictures and whisper “I was carrying you inside me when that photograph was taken.”

And your child will smile and say, "Tell me the story again...the one where you felt me kick for the first time."

A Grand Adventure is about to begin.

Anyone can take photos nowadays, right? But it takes a special kind of photographer to truly capture you with your curvy new body, your family, and your sweet new babe in a unique artistic manner.

Only an experienced (25+ years) photographer, like myself has worked out all the steps to a successful family session. I know how to work my fancy camera in all kinds of situations, have a secret sauce method to ensure that everyone (yes, even Dad-to-be!) has a blast and all the while making sure you look like the goddess that you are. 

This won't be some rinky-dink
photo shoot with an iphone.

Making authentic moments happen during a photo shoot is one of the hardest parts of being a lifestyle photographer, but after 9 years as a family photographer, I got it figured out. I’ll tell you my secret…..

…..These heartfelt moments don’t always happen when you want them to…or in the “in between” moments like some photographers claim. I believe in creating the moments.

You'll be guided every step of the way.

Instead of telling you to “act natural” and just hope something interesting happens, I’ll give you specific directions. You’ll know what to do, where to stand and how to act and we'll mix this up with movement, prompts and even games if you have children. This creates natural and fun poses.

Kids don't have to behave perfectly.

My job as a photographer is to make you look and feel amazing during your photo session. To capture all the love and excitement of this memorial time. Then mama-to-be can put on her comfy clothes, kick her legs up and eat chocolate for the rest of the day! You will be so happy that you moved past your discomfort, sleep deprivation and doubts!

You'll look amazing.

Pricing is super simple.
No complicated packages to compare.
Just choose how many digital file jpgs you want. You can order ala carte prints and products through me,
or you can order your own prints.
Inquire for full pricing.
No pressure sales EVER!

photo session pricing

for Maternity & Newborn

Session ideal for Maternity, Newborn and Family.



You'll pay this session fee when
you book your shoot.

60 minutes session for up to 6 family members, that takes place at your home or any Asheville area location, on weekends or week days.

"Grow with me" membership - all future sessions fees will be 50% off.

In addition your session includes: Styling guide, Pinterest board inspiration, phone planning consultation, Zoom viewing and ordering appointment.

The bigger the collection,
the more
you save!

Choose after you've seen your images from the session.

Collection 1
55 Digital jpg files ($17 per image)

Collection 2
40 Digital jpg files ($21 per image)

Collection 3
25 Digital jpg files ($26 per image)


Collection 4 
12 Digital jpg files ($42 per image)


The bigger the collection,
the more
you save!



$175 session fee



from the

McCarson Family

"Previous family portraits were rather stressful for us as the photographers made us feel rushed and tense. Linnae, on the other hand, was very laid back, took her time, and sincerely put forth an effort to capture the best shots of our family and my bulging belly."



from the

Kind Family

"Linnae is both professional and personal. I wanted to get my baby's pictures taken and yet I don't always like being in the spotlight myself. She made us all very comfortable. Even my husband was able to be himself and goof off a bit!"



from the

Warsch Family

"With a newborn and two young children, getting good portraits can be difficult at times but she made it fun and relaxing. Linnae was very informative of what we could expect prior to our appointment and continuously reassuring us that we could relax and allow our kids to be kids."



from the

Hite Family

"She is wonderful!! She really went above and beyond!! The pictures were beautiful and we were so relaxed and comfortable!!"



Even though I'm a creative,
I'm not the air-head scattered type.
Instead I'm very organized and thorough.
I know you're busy and your to-do list is longer than my arm
so I've make this entire photo session process easy, peasy!
You'll get a beautifully printed magazine that will help you prepare,
a pre-session phone consultation and you can choose to see your finished images in person where I can walk you through the steps, 
or for the DIY types, you can view your images online. 

Moms-to-be, carrying and giving birth to your child may be the most important event in your life and it goes by in a flash.
You may worry that you won’t look good, if you’re not a size two supermodel.

This is a new life you’re carrying.
It’s more than just a bump.
I want each of you uncomfortable, belly growing mamas to realize
how beautiful your belly is and how magical this time really is
even if you are not “feeling” it.
Capturing how beautiful you are
while expecting your baby is one of my specialties.

 Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with me? Shoot me an email right here and I’ll send you a gorgeous e-magazine with all the juicy details! Or ready to book a session? Let me know what time frame works best for you.

Linnae Harris
Asheville, North Carolina