Sweetness in the form of a newborn babe

linnaedesignsNewborn and Baby

Sweet baby Jude….just love that name. If I had it to do over, my son would be named Jude.


natural-photo-of-baby-sleeping-on-bed-2-of-1-1024x683 natural-photo-of-baby-sleeping-on-bed-3-of-1-1024x683 natural-photo-of-baby-sleeping-on-bed-4-of-1-1024x683 mama-with-infant-1-of-1-1024x683 mama-breast-feeding-session-1-of-3-683x1024 mama-breast-feeding-session-2-of-3-683x1024 mama-breast-feeding-session-3-of-3-683x1024 newborn-infant-pictures-1-of-1-1024x683Newborn Photography

Being a mother herself, Linnae understands that time passes quickly, and parents naturally forget all the expressions and interactions of each special milestone. As a portrait photographer, she strives to capture natural, authentic images that bring back a flood of emotions. She prefers to photograph newborn babies in their own home, and let the moments naturally unfold. To schedule your photo session for your newborn, it is best to make arrangements before your baby is born. You can contact Linnae at 828.230.1462.


Let me capture you family. You’ll end up with connected, love-filled photos and we’ll have a blast at the same time!

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