Personalize your Session to show “who” you are

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One of the reasons why I bundle a phone consultation with each photo session, is so I can learn about any wishes and preferences you might have. It’s also a time for me to learn a little bit about who’s in your family and what you’re like. Is this your first child or do you have other children already? We’ll chat about all this.

During the phone call with the couple photographed below, I learned this expectant couple still listens to vinyl records. How cool is that? We thought the albums would be a nice touch for this couple’s maternity photos.

Add your Interests and Hobbies to your Maternity Photo Shoot
What kind of interests do you and your family have? Do you like to cook or garden? Ride bikes together? Love to hike and be outdoors? I love to photograph people in pretty fields or by the lake but that may not really fit who you are. We’ll explore that during our talk to determine the best location and whether we’ll incorporate any personal interests or props.

Fresh & Modern Maternity Photography
Your Maternity Photos should be just as breathtaking as your bridal portraits. This time in your life is so meaningful, and the emotions are just as intense as your wedding day. Nine months may seem like an eternity, but the time somehow passes by in an instant. I want to capture the anticipation, the excitement, and the incredible love for the precious life growing inside your belly. A maternity photo session is such a special way to preserve this magical time in your family’s life.

If you’re interested in scheduling your own maternity photo session, please contact me!

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