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“Website strategy for photographers? What even *is* that, Linnae?” Take a peek behind the scenes of a REAL coaching call with one of my brilliant clients (and get the low-down on why most photography websites are boring replicas!)

If you’ve watched the BTS video above, you’ll know that when it comes to photography websites, it’s not an exaggeration to say that they all look the same: Utterly. Vanilla. There are tons of clean and elegant layouts. Very little copy. No messaging. And zero personality. The result? Absolutely nothing to make them memorable. And that’s the industry benchmark. No wonder your dream clients are struggling to tell you apart!

But you CAN stand out amidst the photography pack.

I'm allergic to vanilla websites. And you should be too.

Real talk: If there were a PhD for the art of connection, you’d have added “Doctor” to your title by now. After all, you’re a photographer. You’re a special type of creative that’s tech-savvy and has the gift to spot special moments (and already have them documented and digitized before anyone even thinks to utter, “Cheese!”)

And now that you’re established and primed to grow, you don’t want to blow your chance. This is your time to shine and shun blending in with all the other bland, boring and vanilla photography websites out there.

Yet, when it comes to creating a website that converts or figuring out how to position yourself properly in the market? Uh-huh. Your middle name might as well be “Clueless”. And this is way too important to trust to the so-called ‘expertise’ of those flighty Google gods.

Which is where I come in as your Showit web designer and photography mentor!

Your express (stress-free) pass to a photography website
that wins over your dream clients and makes you unstoppable.

Together, let’s shake off the self-doubt of self-made success and embark on an educational journey that sees us collaborating to create an online home that consistently attracts, awes and converts your favorite clients.

Equipped with your experience and expertise, I’m here to help you unravel the complexities of your messaging, strategy and design so we can capture your conversions and support you to become booked out in your photography biz.

I’m here to help you propel your purpose, potential and profit lightyears ahead with a high-converting custom website that’s as special as you are.

I felt overwhelmed and unclear, yet filled with ideas and inspiration. Linnae listened to both - keenly mining for the gems.  Together we created a beautiful and intentional online presence for my new business.  Linnae held my hand through the entire process.  She is personable, clear, smart and super competent.

-Grace Scarbrough



My website strategy business coaching and web creations are designed to put your photography on the fast track to success. In the first half of our journey, we’ll fill the holes in your business foundations. While in the second half, we’ll equip you with the expert marketing strategy you need to reliably attract and convert your fave clients.

And instead of spending three to five years fumbling and figuring it out on your own, I’ll be there to support you with the strategy, smarts, content and coaching you need to become unstoppable.

The experience

Over eight live Zoom coaching session, we’ll dig deep into the heart and soul of your brand, uncovering your unique value and vision so you can confidently position yourself in a place of power in the market.

Then, I’ll expertly translate and transfer your newly acquired messaging and strategy into the foundation of your site’s design, so you’ll have a site that makes them swoon and strategically scores with your SEO and conversions.

No more worrying about your dream clients clicking away after they land on your unremarkable and unmemorable site. Instead, your site will be set up to convert visits into bookings with a powerful strategy and a unique personality tailor-made to fit your growing photography business.

By the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with sooo much more than just your very own stunning website (although, I know you’re going to love that part). You’ll also have strategic messaging underpinning every pixel of your site, plus a solid understanding of the marketing and strategy grounding your site’s success.

Your journey

Did you know the average web designer will expect you to already know the ins and outs of converting your dream clients? Their onboarding experience includes filling out a form (with questions that stump most self-made photographers!)

Whereas I’ll be by your side to help you create your messaging, marketing and branding. I’ll walk you through exercises, give you lots of examples and be your sounding board for ideas, inspiration and worries. Because that’s what I believe a true partnership should look like.

It’s one part coaching, one part design and all parts transformational.

Sure, a shiny new website is a great first strut towards the success you deserve. But you wanna know the truth? You deserve SO much more than just a pretty website. Like, y’know, the whole shebang. Which is why my packages include web design and strategy as standard (with bonus game-changing stuff you likely didn’t realize you should care about!)

come on, LET'S PARTY!

Inside every package

Custom website design | Integrated high-conversion strategy | Empowering educational coaching



Choose your experience

My most popular package for the pro photographer ready to revolutionize their brand and online presence. 

Eight live 1-on-1 zoom mentoring sessions focused on website and business strategy, messaging, and conversion 

Custom Showit website design

Eight live 1-on-1 zoom mentoring sessions focused on website and business strategy, messaging, and conversion 

My pick for the photographer seeking extra support to be a success story. 

Eight additional live
1-on-1 zoom mentoring meetings focused on business foundations, systems, marketing, offsite SEO and more.

Confident that you can DIY it and just want the web strategy and business coaching for photographers.

To unlock my prices and curriculum simply book in a complimentary consultation. This obligation-free chat enables us to connect and determine whether we’re a good match. 

Ready to shoot for the stars?

You’re a creative. Which is likely why you’re eyeing up your website-to-be and thinking something like, “Hey, I can totally DIY this, right?”

And, yep, you absolutely can. You could design your site from scratch and customize it with the best of your images.
But would you hit “publish” feeling unshakeably sure that you’ve created a site that you could rely on to convert? Like, “This site is going to consistently showcase my skills and support me to pay the bills” kind of confident?

Uh-huh. This is where things get a little – okay, a lot - iffy (and where I show up to guide your greatness!)

Because creating a site that converts is a lot like capturing the perfect photo. It’s not just about creating something that looks pretty; it’s about getting to the heart of human connection. And just like photography, it’s all about having the right knowledge, tools and experience on hand.

It’s like the average iPhone user claiming they can take polished, pro-worthy images on a smart phone. There’s a little more – okay, a LOT – more to it than that. The same goes with your website design and strategy. Expertise and skill matters.

"But.....what about a DIY website design?

"But.....what about website templates?

"But.....this is a big investment!

The purpose of my journey is to equip you with a unique brand and website that helps you stand out and be seen. Which is the exact opposite of what a template accomplishes. You want one-of-a-kind, not one-size-fits-all. And you definitely don’t want the stress and mess of figuring out how to customize a template (while worrying whether it’ll even work how it’s meant to once it’s been altered).

It certainly is – and I’m glad you’re taking it seriously! This is your future – and the future of your business – we’re talking about. You’re worth it. And sometimes you have to spend money to make money, like your full frame camera and primes lens. Totally worth it, right?

But if you’re nervous about the initial investment, I can also arrange payment plans. Just let me know during our consultation that this is something you’re interested in.

I’ve got you! My WEBSITE AUDIT is the perfect first step to spot what you’re doing well and what you can improve on to make your photography website even more profitable and persuasive.

Over a live Zoom call (that’s recorded so you can rewatch whenever you like), I’ll walk you through a comprehensive web audit that explores and scores your existing branding, messaging, website and conversion strategy.

Spaces are limited, so get in quick.

"Audit my site, Linnae"

Need to get your ducks in a row before you invest in your custom web design?