Why are good professional photographers so expensive?

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Why are good professional photographers so expensive? Why are you so expensive?

You’re probably wondering this, but are too polite to ask. You’re considering investing $600 to $1,100 for a two-hour photo session, and that might seem like a lot.  Am I charging lawyer fees? I assure you, I’m not!  Here are some reasons that I charge the prices I do:

For every two-hour session, I spend eight to nine hours working behind the scene. There’s planning, communication, driving to the location, the ordering appointment and hours of time hand-editing each photo one by one.

Equipment and Business
I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in my camera gear, computer, and software. All of which breaks down or has to be upgraded from time to time, resulting in substantial repair and replacement costs. And as with any business, there are additional expenses as well – office supplies, taxes, membership fees, website fees, etc.

Continuing Education
In this digital age, technology and processes change rapidly. I stay current by taking in-person and online classes. I’m a member of half a dozen professional photography organizations. Also since I’m a one-person business, I’ve had to learn how to be my own marketer, accountant, salesperson, computer specialist, etc. Staying up-to-date on every aspect of my business ensures that I offer my clients only the best experience and outcomes.

Talent and Experience
In most fields, as people gain experience and seniority, they are rewarded with an increase in earnings. I’ve been a photographer and photography/Photoshop teacher for over 25 years, and my pricing is appropriate for my level of expertise.

If you’ve had the dedication to read this far, then I know you’re someone who truly cares about quality, and really wants to understand what’s involved in hiring a professional photographer.  

Invest in a low-quality photographer, get low-quality imagery and client care. But invest in a high-quality photographer, and you’ll receive a truly wonderful experience from the time of initial contact, all the way to final delivery and beyond.

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