Why in-home newborn photography?

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Picture this.

You’ve just brought home your brand new lil’ baby – maybe this week, maybe last, or maybe almost more than a month back now (um, where did THAT month go..?).

Maybe your little one is a late night party-animal, and you’re up from the wee hours and into the early morning.

Perhaps your babe is still growing, used to feeding, and burping takes longer than you’d ever imagined.

Maybe your poor little munchkin has a nasty spot of reflux, and their little tummy struggles more than you’d like (I promise this will pass, as everything does. Stay strong, mama. x).

Probably they’re happiest in your arms or on your chest – as teeny little infants who are still learning to be human are fairly apt to be.

Now. Imagine you’d planned a newborn session at a fancy studio, to catch the memories of this spectacular time.

Imagine all of the above is true, and now you have to pack yourselves and all your darlings into a car to find the studio, and to the ardent hope that your tiny one is having a better morning – restful and peaceful and calm – so they’ll be happy and willing when you pass them over to your lovely newborn photographer.

Maybe even the prospect of that feels just a little overwhelming. Instead, opt for me to come to your house for Newborn & Family session in your home. Get more details at LinnaeDesigns.

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