How to create a killer  “About Me” page  

Say goodbye to writer’s block, fear of sounding BORING, too generic, and not converting your ideal peeps!

“OMG, I had to tell you right away. I just got off the phone with a new client. She said she knew she wanted to book me after she looked at my “About” page. She said it had so much personality just bursting off the page and she loved my vibe! Thanks so much for all your awesome advice!"

 -Kelly B


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Linnae Harris
Web designer & Photographer


Just like online dating, a client won't "swipe right" unless they like what they see. And there's a sea of potential matches out there. So, if a deeper connection isn't made quickly, your potential client will lose interest fast and head off to the next site.

Understanding how to create that connection will deepen your relationship with your audience. In this free video workshop, I show you exactly how to structure your content and messaging to help you attract the kind of audience you'll make a connection with... and have them desperate to work with you.

The “About Me” page is often the most overlooked aspect of a photographer’s website 

  1. where prospective clients decide if you're the right fit for them
  2. your best chance to convert more website visits to inquiries and paying clients
  3. the page that'll help you build a strong brand and position you as the go-to photography expert

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Complimentary feedback (via live zoom) about your "About me" draft

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