I work with
talented, focused photographers
and help them to create a
web presence and marketing roadmap
that reflects their new vision so they can
work less, make more and
feel deeper satisfaction

instead of fatigue, burn out
and frustration. 

Together, let’s shake off the self-doubt of self-made success and embark on an educational journey that sees us collaborating to create an online home that consistently attracts, awes and converts your favorite clients. 


Showit Website Designer, Business Coach
& Marketing Strategist

A photographer with a knack for design and business. Trust me, not all web developers know anything about composition and design, or how to make a site that converts viewers into clients. While I’m a creative mind with over 25 years in art, design and photography, my true strength lies in creating systems, planning, and strategizing. 

Not only am I a professional photographer, but I graduated University Of South Florida for Art Education, attended International Art Academy for Graphic Arts and University Of Arizona for Digital Marketing.  

A real person and your partner for several months. I’m not a large agency bouncing you around to various team members, trying to fit your project into their boxes. My services are personal and approachable.

I'll take you through an intensive photography business framework. These  exercises are designed to deep dive into your existing business, make some serious kick!@#$ improvements and lay the foundation for your brand new website. Not only that,  you'll walk away from our time together with a plan for how to launch your new website.

Hiya. I'm Linnae.

Consider me your designer, business mentor,
and sounding board rolled into one.

Partner with me, and here’s what you’ll get:

A seasoned entrepreneur who’ll obsess over your project, and will walk with you to create exceptional messaging, a stunning design and a plan to scale your business. I've been self-employed and a solopreneur for over 30 years. I gained an immense amount of knowledge, practical skills and talent for creating businesses that succeed. 

I may be one or two paces ahead of you in your photography journey and would love to share what I know and help you grow  

Results. Finally. A website that is unique and beautiful and speaks perfectly to your ideal client. A website that sells and ranks well on Google. A site that you're proud of and glad to call your own.

Being a solopreneur can be an amazing journey BUT it can be lonely and frustrating at times.

Work with someone whose "been there and done that". This can be your most important, single step in reaching your full potential; easing your mental load and helping you to reach deeper satisfaction within your business. 

I'm really EXCITED, Linnae. Something in me snapped yesterday. Pieces fell into place. You said exactly the right words, paired with where I am in this season of life -- and it clicked..... you said something about who I was put on this earth to serve and nurture. That's soul-deep, love language level there. I can't WAIT to get this business of mine chugging along doing what it needs to do. 

                      -Lauren Benson