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How to create a killer “About Me” page that actually grows your photography business

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Imagine if :

You didn't spend hours pulling your hair out trying to figure things out on your own. Who has time for that?

You had a site you were proud to show off because it felt like a true reflection of you and your business

Your website did its dang job and brought you bookings from clients who were ready to hire you and pay you what you’re worth

You had enough confidence in your online presence, that you could raise your prices without the fear of getting price-shopped

Stop trying to figure it out on your own

Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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"Before I started working with Linnae, I felt so frustrated because my website wasn't getting any leads and I didn't know what to do. During the Content Coaching,  I learned so much about marketing my business.  I had no idea there was that much psychology involved. I'm so proud of my website now and love showing it off. My old site only served me as a portfolio, whereas this new site functions as my online presence. This was a really fun experience and I highly recommend Linnae."

Pamela Cammisa

Custom Showit web designer


Why the Showit platform?

If you need any help or have any technical difficulties, you can chat live with a member of the Showit team during business hours.

Showit has a library filled with tutorials and a great help section.

There is a wonderful Facebook Showit users group where you can ask questions and learn from each other.

I believe that Showit is genuinely one of the most powerful web design platforms on the market. Showit was originally created FOR photographers so they had your needs in mind. These are the top reasons why I use Showit for all my photography client websites.

There is no need to be an expert to use Showit; it’s one of the most user-friendly website builders out there.

There’s no need to code. It’s truly a drag and drop platform and feels a little like using Photoshop. Once your site is completed, I’ll give you video tutorials so you’ll be able to update your copy and photos with ease.

WordPress is known for being the BEST blogging platform right now. It has so many optimization options for better search rankings.

Showit uses Wordpress for the blog portion of your site which means you get Wordpress’ flexibility without actually having to build a custom website on Wordpress with tons of code.




Showit web design pricing

The right partnership will help you surpass your client’s expectations with a website and online brand that shows them why you are the one and only person they want to work with. Together, we can combine my web design and marketing expertise with your photography talents to set the foundation for your successful photography career.

Imagine a professional looking website that gets the job done & truly feels like you!

What's included:
5 pages Showit custom website
(includes Wordpress blog, if desired)
Mobile friendly
Best conversion strategies
Live and video walk through tutorials
Two weeks post launch assistance
Onsite search engine optimization (SEO)


Investment $3900

Magnetic content coaching
Attract 5 star clients with ease - this framework will unlock your one-of-a-kind content and messaging.  Includes instructional videos, worksheets and weekly meetings to receive your one-on-one feedback. 

Magnetic content coaching $1400
Professional copywriting $2000 - $3500
Additional service pages $300 - $350 per page
Renaming and resizing photos $150-$200
Setting up Google email and suite $75
Domain and DNS connection $75
Off-site SEO training $200


A custom site is more expensive than DIYing

But it's SO worth it!

Did you try to save some cash and do the DIY thing?

I’m all for smart decisions (and I’m proud of you for considering all options!) But I also want the very best for you. After all – you’re shooting for the stars! So, is a DIY’d site or template going to get you there?

The short answer: Probably not.

DIY websites and templates are great options for cash-strapped beginners just starting out (who really need an online presence and don’t have a lot of other alternatives).

But if you’re a successful photographer who’s been in business at least 3️ years, you’re *absolutely* ready to level up and upgrade to a custom site. Anything less would be selling yourself – and your photography biz – short.

Plus, you’re extraordinarily talented – but you aren’t a web designer, right?

It’s like when the average wedding guest snaps an alright pic on their smartphones and immediately feels like a pro. Sure, they might have a high-tech phone … but that doesn’t mean they have what it takes to capture polished and professional photos. Photography is a skill and an artform. It takes training, dedication, determination and talent to take great photo.

The same goes with websites. Anyone can slap together a website using a template or some DIY-inspired Googling. But will it be GREAT? Will it reflect the heart and soul of your brand? Will it help you stand out and be seen? Will it do your vision and brand justice? Will it convert your viewers into loyal happy clients?

Probably not. Not unless you’re a pro photographer who also happens to be a pro website designer and marketing strategist, too.… Like me - a mentor and designer with 30 years’ experience in photography, design, marketing and business. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Payments for web design are available and flexible.  Your payments will have no interest as long as the final payment is made prior to your new website launch. 

No. One of the many great things about Showit, it's it's quite easy to change out photos and update copy. I'll show you live, as well as leave you with a training video so you'll be able to take over this task. If you prefer me to do it, then that is an option as well.  

HOW WILL WE COMMUNICATE (and how often)?
I do things differently from most designers. I don't ask you to just fill out a very long form and send me your files - then go dark until the site is done. Instead we will be communicating before, during and after the build. We'll use a combination of google docs, email and messenger or DM to communicate. 

Yes. Showit is the design platform but also the host. You will no longer have to pay for your current hosting plan. Showit offers multiple types of accounts and we'll discuss your best option prior to your launch. 

step one

step two

step three

step four






This is one of the most important steps. You can choose your level of support. You got this and know how you want your site to look or you want my one-on-one help.

I get it. This is a big investment and you want to make the best choice for your business. I'm a straight shooter, so go ahead - ask me anything. 

You get to step back and let me do my thing. I'll give you a one of a kind site that perfectly represents your brand and goals. 

This is the fun part. You get to show off your site and don't worry, I have plenty of suggestions on how to get a big bang with your launch. 

Marrying together strategy and killer design, your new website will make it impossible for your ideal client to pass you by. This web designer / former photographer knows just what you need. From messaging to launch strategy, everything you need for a profitable business is covered. It's like hiring a business coach, brand designer, copywriter, and marketing pro all-in-one.

Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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