that wanna MAKE ‘EM STOP, STARE and CARE

CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN for photographers

.....designed by an experienced PHOTOGRAPHER, WEB DESIGNER, and BUSINESS COACH.

The transformational website design journey that pairs professional custom design with conversion coaching and marketing strategy in one refreshingly educational and empowering experience (that you’ll actually enjoy!)

Show up, shine and become
booked out in your photography biz

Custom website design
Integrated high-conversion strategy 
 Empowering educational coaching

This is for the photographers who’ve been asked at family gatherings, “So, how’s that little side gig of yours goin’?”

… And are reaaaal ready to respond with, “Actually, it’s my super successful full-time career now!”

Because what began as a side-hustin’ passion project has matured into a small business primed to succeed – and you’re eager to be taken seriously by 

                 transforming your very vanilla website into an original extension of your extraordinary brand.

I’m allergic to vanilla websites ... and you should be, too. Find out why.

about my service offerings

Custom website design for photographers  | Integrated high-conversion strategy  | Empowering educational coaching

I coach and create high-converting website design for photographers who have been in business for over three years. Seem oddly specific? It’s definitely specific, but the reasoning is far from odd.

After three + years in the pro world of photography, you’re far from a newbie. And though you’re eternally learning, you’ve mastered your creative craft to a degree where you’re confident in your abilities – as you should be!
(… Even if you’re still wryly replying to those, “Wow – your camera takes beautiful photos!” comments with, “Thanks, it learned it from me.”)

Hiya I'm Linnae!

about me

But while you’ve been focusing on perfecting your photography, getting clients and running your business, there’s something that’s slipped by the wayside: Your current website lacks marketing magic, momentum and messaging (and that’s putting it nicely).

And although you’re undeniably creative and tech-savvy, when it comes to creating a site that converts? Yep - your roaring progress face-plants smack bang into a brick wall. Ouch. Which is probably why it feels like you’re hitting your head against a wall when you try to make the income you desire.

But now that you’re established and primed to grow, you don’t want to blow your chance. 

There’s no doubt your photos are beautiful. Hey, you took ‘em - of course, they are. But you want to know the truth? Most of your potential clients can’t really tell the difference between mediocre and magical images. It mostly looks the same to them.

Which is why you can’t rely solely on your gorgeous photos to get you the attention you deserve from your dream clients.

 ... Or to rescue you from being burnt-out instead of – profitably - booked out.
Instead, your style needs to be supported by strong branding and messaging. 

“My website shows off my (really quite gorgeous) photography … so why aren’t I booked out?”

Which is where I come in to guide your genius. 


Thank you for seeing my spirit and sticking with me as I refined myself so you could so brilliantly reflect who I am on the page. You are a genius.

-Melina Bridges


My website designs, guest articles and photography can be seen on:

Our creative co-mission: To make it easier than ever to convert your dream customers so you can stop panicking about profit and start standing out and getting your beautiful business seen.

Together, let’s shake off the self-doubt of self-made success and embark on an educational journey that sees us collaborating to create an online home that consistently attracts, awes and converts your favorite clients.

It’s one part coaching, one part design and all parts transformational.

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