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Break up with your bland vanilla website that is just NOT working!

While you’ve been focusing on perfecting your photography, getting clients and running your business, there’s something that’s slipped by the wayside: Your current photography website lacks marketing magic, messaging and strategy (don't worry we can fix that).

And although you’re undeniably creative and tech-savvy, when it comes to creating a site that converts? Uh-huh. 

Your photography website isn't bringing in enough leads!

and the leads you get aren't quality

You’ve spent hours Googling “how-to” videos but you're still stuck and feeling frustrated. You feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall and can’t move forward. This is probably why you’re not able to make the income you desire.

But now that you’re established and primed to grow, you don’t want to blow your chance.

Feeling stuck and frustrated?


Linnae is a genius at website design! Her attunement to my soul, and the direction I was moving in as I dreamed up the various elements of my business was spot on in her creation of my website. The Super Strategy Sessions were not only nourishing, but also a blast in every stage of its development. The end result is that without really advertising, I have drawn my ideal client with consistency and ease. I still find myself marveling and am filled with gratitude.

-Melina Bridges


Photography website design

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Why is a potential clients first question about pricing?

Keep reading and I'll tell you why

Have you noticed? When it comes to photography websites, most have clean and elegant layouts. Very little copy. No messaging or story. And zero personality. The result? Absolutely nothing to make them memorable. They are primarily being used as portfolios.

This isn’t good for SEO, or for your potential client.

Did you know that the average person can't tell the difference between a average photograph and a great one?

Have you ever wondered why a potential client's first question is usually about pricing? 

It's because they can't distinguish you from other photographers so they will just compare prices.

But YOU can stand out amidst the photography pack. You need a website that grabs their attention and keeps it! Show them exactly how hiring you is the solution to all their problems. Not sure how? Together, we can develop a photography website design that uses storytelling, messaging and conversion strategy so you can convert your dream clients. 

Break up with your bland vanilla website that is just NOT working!

Like you, I live in a city that is overflowing with competition. I HAD to figure out a way to stand out from all the other togs. It took me awhile, but I discovered the secret to creating a website that will attract your ideal peeps and convert them into paying clients. 

I'll give you a hint. It has very little to do with your photography.  Check out the video below....

I get it because I've been there too!

The #1 BIGGEST mistake photographers make with their websites

Watch the video for the answer

Finally, a website that works
for you the way it's supposed to. 

Statistics show that 80% of people hire photographers because of their website. Relying on the same site you designed many moons ago isn’t going to get you the results you need. Trust me, this is the BEST investment you can make for YOUR BIZ !!!

More people will find your SEO-optimized site that is designed to convert. 

You want to stand out

You want more free time

You want more money

Your new website will have real impact and that “wow” factor because you’re anything but ordinary. 

Imagine how it will feel to make money while you sleep and spend time doing the things you love. 

You want a website with marketing magic - uniquely crafted for you.

Together, let’s shake off the self-doubt of self-made success, collaborate and create your next online home that consistently attracts, awes and converts your favorite clients.

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You already have a website or template and just need some help

We can work on "big picture" branding refreshes, your to-do list or almost anything else related to your website and its strategy. 

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My online presence was less than desirable, my website was a mess and hard for potential clients to navigate. In my line of photography, I don’t focus on just one genre. With so many things going on, keeping it organized and easy for potential clients to find just the information they need was next to impossible...until Linnae Harris took over!

-Patrice Kennedy-Murillo

Website designer for photographers


Break up with your bland vanilla website that is just NOT working!