who want the "WOW" factor! 

.....designed by an experienced PHOTOGRAPHER, WEB DESIGNER, and BUSINESS COACH who will guide you in upping your game. 

Don’t be a creative hostage with a premade template.

What started as a passion project, has turned into a bonafide business.

Your style is emerging. Your galleries are cohesive. You nail your focus.
YOUR CLIENTS LOVE YOU and are starting to refer you to all of their friends.

You're right on the precipice of something bigger. You can feel it.

You're on your way, but you’ve hit a wall.

You’re not making the income you desire. 

You’ve done it!

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Competition amongst photographers is fierce. 

It’s not unusual to have a client think they could do it just as well as you.

Or a client that knows a lady that would do it for $400 back home, so why are you worth so much more?

How do you get valuable clients without wasting your time? You want quality bookings not quantity. 

A photographer’s job doesn’t end once the shot is taken. Similarly, your online presence needs to go beyond a basic website. Don’t get lost in a mindless sea of galleries. 

Your new web design for photographers will be both visually appealing and laser-focused.

A combination of one-on-one meetings and marketing strategies will help generate a plan to ensure your photography business gets you the quality, profitable clients you deserve.

Beauty AND Brains.

Something your ideal client is sure to notice.

The quickest way to make money at photography,
shouldn’t be selling your camera.

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There’s no reason to travel this path alone.

Two heads are better than one.

The right partnership will help you surpass your client’s expectations with a website and online brand that goes beyond anything they have seen before.

Together, we can combine my web design for photographers and business expertise with your photography talents to set the foundation for a successful and profitable photography business. As important as your website is, it can only go so far on its own. It takes a true collaboration to meld online presence with a personalized marketing plan and get you where you want and deserve to be.

It’s time to make your move and get everything you're worth!
So how do you get there?

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I also answer to:  photographer, website designer, brand strategist, business coach, cat lover, and single mom to two amazing kids (or rather young adults) adopted from Russia.

I create custom websites to take photographers such as yourself to the next level.  My website design for photographers package SURPASSES THE STANDARD BY BUNDLING BRANDING STRATEGY, COACHING, AND MARKETING. 

Hi. I'm Linnae.


Thank you for seeing my spirit and sticking with me as I refined myself so you could so brilliantly reflect who I am on the page. You are a genius.

-Melina Bridges


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Creating your customized, eye-catching website that ranks well with Google is just the beginning. With a strong groundwork in place, your photography website will gain popularity via marketing and business strategies. It’s this combination of services that creates the ultimate, successful business plan for any photographer.

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Article - 5 top things to include in your website.
Article - How to choose the best web designer for you.

Pricing information and package specifics. 

Article - 5 top things to include in your website.

Article - How to choose the best web designer for you.


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