Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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Gimme those backlinks, baby!

If Google isn’t impressed by you, you can be stuck in Google’s no man’s land forever.

You need to get Google to fall in love with you and therefore want to put you on top.

Not only that, but you also need to make Google think it’s their idea.

Who knew a relationship with an inanimate object could be so high maintenance?!

But here we are...

At this point, you’ve probably heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and the importance of the right keywords and content on your page, but what do you know about backlinks for photographers?

- and stay there?!

How do you get to the top of Google’s search engine?

Just like in the real world, who links to you matters.

Your mother saying your photography website is the best is nice, but a gallery owner saying how wonderful your photography is on an entirely different level.

Having other highly respected and established websites create a backlink to your site helps give your site a seal of approval that search engines love.

The opposite is also true.

What if that gallery owner actually deals with fake and stolen goods? Probably not going to be the best reference for your work.

With websites often looking for shortcuts to become #1, many “black hat” options have been created if you are willing to pay.

Often this leads to a website going from 1 to 1000 backlinks overnight. Sounds great right? Well, Google didn’t get where it is by being stupid.

These sites often just add your backlink to an obvious, random assortment of unrelated links. Basically, the complete opposite of a reputable source.

Gaining so many backlinks from only low quality sites will put a giant red flag on your site and can actually put you lower than where you may have been with only one or two legitimate backlinks.

When it comes to backlinks, slow and steady definitely wins the race. Don’t let your misplaced enthusiasm put your website in a bad light.

Avoid black hat methods

Which backlinks are best?

When doing SEO, it is natural to get caught up in the things we have complete control of and can accomplish quickly.

Unlike choosing the right words, content, and layout of your website, gaining backlinks for photographers is usually in the hands of other people and it will take some time before you start seeing any results.

This is the exact reason they are so significant for Google and other search engines.

It’s the difference between you telling someone that you are a great photographer and 5 other people telling the same person how great you are.

When other sources refer back to your site, it tells Google that your website is a reputable source of information and they automatically will put you higher in the rankings. It's like a vote of confidence. 

Why are backlinks important?

Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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I used the Semrush platform to determine the authority score for each website that I listed.

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights.

Semrush Authority Score is a compound domain score that grades the overall quality of a website or a webpage. The higher the score, the more assumed weight a domain’s or webpage’s backlinks could have. This is Semrush's proprietary score, not Google's. 

You might naturally want to only approach the websites with the high scores. Keep in mind that the higher the score, the harder it might be to get published. There's more competition for these sites. If you've been making lots of guest blog requests and not getting anything published, try aiming for the sites with lower scores.   

Authority score

You will find that as you network and grow your business, backlinks will start happening organically if you are willing to put in the work!

It can be easy to want to take the quick and easy approach, but while there are definitely some shortcuts to get you where you want to be faster, there is no magic pill for immediate results.

You need to make sure your website contains valuable and original information that can be shared easily by other sites. You should be advertising yourself as an authority throughout by making sure everything is in your own words and not just a spin off something from another site or even yours!

Remember that Google does not like duplicate copy or images so keep things fresh and reputable.

If your current website doesn't have a blog, or your website is outdated and ready for a make over, I'd love to be your new web designer. Reach out now! 

Some last words

Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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