Asheville, North Carolina, Family Photography

Photography for easy going families that capture images that make your heart sing. 

Hello, I'm so glad you found me. I'm sure you've been looking at lots of photographer's sites, trying to see who's the best fit for you. Well, let me tell you a little bit about the people who like me best. 

Are we a good fit?

You laugh easily. You love fiercely.
You don't mind acting silly
because it makes your daughter giggle.
You believe that having pancakes
for dinner is perfectly acceptable.
You tell jokes to your unborn baby.
You believe your son walks on the moon.
And your baby’s skin is so soft that you can’t stop touching it.

Is this you?

You want to capture this amazing time in your life,
but you're not sure that your CRaZY family can pull it off. 

You want GREAT family pictures.

Your kids don't always get along. You wake up some mornings feeling downright snarky and don’t like how you look. How can your family's photos show your best selves?

There's no need to worry.  You see, I have this superpower.
I’m able to help families, with babies and kids and of all ages, to relax and have fun together. I’ll suggest movement, games, prompts, and even crack corny jokes to help evoke natural expressions and interactions - that create photos that ooze love, laughter, and connection.  

Is this your reality? 

I work with people like you who want a super relaxed, photography experience, that's laid back, creative and completely different from the cheesy, awkward, uncomfortable family photography of the past.

Why choose me?

Instead of telling you to “act natural” and just hope something interesting happens,  I’ll suggest movement, simple games and prompts as they make room for real reactions. I'll capture your family for who you really are. 

Your kids will feel like they’re on a play date, not at a super boring photo shoot. My goal is to “not” get them to sit still – which means you can relax, too!  

Kids don't have to behave perfectly!

Pricing is super simple.
No complicated packages to compare.
Just choose how many digital file jpgs you want. You can order ala carte prints and products through me, or if you're the DIY kind,
you can order your own prints.
No pressure sales EVER!

Session ideal for Maternity, Newborn and Family.



You'll pay this session fee when
you book your shoot.

60 minutes session for up to 6 family members,
that takes place at your home or any Asheville area location, on weekends or week days.

"Grow with me" membership - all future sessions fees will be 50% off.

In addition your session includes: Styling guide, Pinterest board inspiration, phone planning consultation, Zoom viewing and ordering appointment.

The bigger the collection,
the more
you save!

Choose after you've seen your images from the session.

Collection 1
60 Digital jpg files ($18 per image)

Collection 2
40 Digital jpg files ($23 per image)

Collection 3
25 Digital jpg files ($28 per image)


Collection 4 
12 Digital jpg files ($42 per image)


Photo session pricing

The bigger the collection,
the more
you save!



$175 session fee