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Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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Asheville is truly a town like no other. Known for its vibrant creative scene, it has become a mecca for individuals looking to go beyond the “status quo.”

Unfortunately, everything that makes Asheville and Western North Carolina such a great place to live are the same things that can make it feel impossible to separate yourself from your competition.

In a town where everyone seems to have a creative streak and innovative spirit, carving out your own niche can feel impossible.

What do you do when your Asheville business’ website isn’t bringing in enough leads

and the leads you do get aren’t quality?

Despite the huge amounts of time and money you put into perfecting your business, if your current website lacks marketing magic, messaging, and strategy you will find yourself stuck inside a hamster’s wheel.

No matter how much you work you put in, you’re not actually going anywhere.

It’s time to realize that just because you are creative and tech-saavy, it doesn’t mean you have the full set of skills needed to best position your business and website to get you the advantage you’re looking for.

 Website design for Asheville small businesses


Linnae is a genius at website design! Her attunement to my soul, and the direction I was moving in as I dreamed up the various elements of my business was spot on in her creation of my website. The Content Creation Coaching was not only nourishing, but also a blast in every stage of its development. The end result is that without really advertising, I have drawn my ideal client with consistency and ease. I still find myself marveling and am filled with gratitude.

Melina Bridges
Asheville therapist

Your website shows your skills

so why aren’t you getting more clients?

Can I tell you a secret? No matter your business, most clients can’t tell the difference between average and prime quality material off a website. Usually, your client just knows they want/need something, and are hoping to find someone that they can trust to make it happen.

It’s really that simple.

So imagine how frustrating it must be when they’re looking online trying to find someone to help with something and EVERY. SINGLE. WEBSITE. tells the same story:

“Look at me! I’m the best!”

That’s it. There’s no explanation as to why they’re the best or how they can help you solve your problem. You’re just expected to reach out to someone with little to no idea if they’re the right person for you and if you would actually connect to them in any way.

Again, we live in Asheville. More than likely, whatever service you are selling, someone has a friend/neighbor/cousin who ‘knows a guy’ that will feel like a safer bet than all the generic options a potential client found online.

But what if you set yourself apart?!

What if you had a website that was supported by strong branding and messaging?

What if you had a partner to work with and help guide you in developing everything you need to get where you want to go?

What if you broke up with your boring, vanilla website and found a way to stand apart from your competition?

What if, after visiting your website, a client was made to stop and go “I feel like this is the person I need to get the results I’m looking for!”

At the end of the day, you need a website that grabs a client’s attention and keeps it!

Show them exactly how hiring you is the solution to all their problems.

Not sure how? Together, we can develop a website design that uses storytelling, messaging and conversion strategy to get you your dream clients.


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Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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I get it because I've been there too!

Prior to providing Asheville web design, I ran a local business for the last 12 years, I HAD to figure out a way to stand out from all the other competition. It took me awhile, but I discovered the secret to creating a website that will attract your ideal peeps and convert them into paying clients. 

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Custom web design 

You want a website that you're proud of ; a true reflection of your business and a site that brings in high quality leads. 

Together, let’s shake off the self-doubt of self-made success, collaborate and create your next online home that consistently attracts, awes and converts your favorite clients.

VIP designer day 

You already have a Showit website or template and just need some help bringing it to a new level

We can work on "big picture" branding refreshes, your to-do list or almost anything else related to your website and its strategy. 

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Info and price

Asheville Website designer for event photographer

My online presence was less than desirable, my website was a mess and hard for potential clients to navigate. In my line of photography, I don’t focus on just one genre. With so many things going on, keeping it organized and easy for potential clients to find just the information they need was next to impossible...until Linnae Harris took over!

-Patrice Kennedy-Murillo


Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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