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Melinda is a highly skilled photographer, specializing in newborn photography, who needed to get more bookings through her website. Unfortunately, she is located in a small town (Morgan City, LA) so her client pool is limited. She knew she would have to find a way through her website to entice clients from larger cities and encourage them to drive 90+ miles to her studio. 

The problem: 

Live site:

Melinda Gilmore is a studio newborn and maternity photographer. Since 2010, she's provided an incomparable boutique photography experience, at the time an overwhelmed new mother or mother-to-be needs to be pampered the most.

The solution:

Turn your negative into a positive! Instead of lamenting the distance, I suggested that Melinda encourage them to make a day of it and enjoy her small city’s charm. Now, instead of dreading the commute, clients can relish the idea of having an easy, family friendly day trip that results in lovely pictures and amazing memories. 

The best way to attract out-of-town clients is through SEO. Melinda and I worked together to narrow down her search criteria and come up with the best strategic keywords and blog topics to ensure her website stays at the top of a potential client’s Google search. 

For a little something “extra,” each page not only has her gorgeous photography AND products, but also has a “behind the scenes” or testimonial type video. Photos highlighting her studio and all the special touches that prove “small town” doesn’t mean poor quality were also added. 

Include testimonies with a modern design on each page. Let potential client’s know other people not only made the trek but loved it! Using this in a headline makes sure it’s the first thing they see- even if they don’t read everything.

These customizations helped emphasize the advantages of choosing Melinda Gilmore Photography over the competition for each potential client that visits the page. 


"I was really worried about not having a niche, but Linnae explained what niching really meant in a way that I never heard before. I can't believe how cohesive all my services are presented now. Linnae is a genius! My site is attracting a high end client and I was able to raise my prices as a result. Hire Linnae! It's the best thing you can do for your business.  "

-Taylor Miller

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