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Tony is in a position where he has already developed an amazing program for referrals and repeat clients so attracting new clients was not what drove him to create a new website. Instead, he wanted to focus on recent, expensive improvements he had made to his studio and the value they added to his photography, justifying his increased rates.  

The problem: 

Tony Park is a well established headshot and personal branding photographer for men. He's had his studio for over a decade and holds workshops for photographers on subjects such as studio lighting, natural light, posing, editing and business.

The solution:

Tony's quality of work is obvious but his last website was lacking branding. In his own words, "It was plain, boring and generic."

Tony hired me for “Magnetic Content Coaching” before I designed his new, custom website. This framework unlocks your one-of-a-kind content and messaging.

With the help of my coaching, Tony was able to narrow down exactly who his preferred clients are and target them. From there, we were able to develop a strong, compelling brand statement for his website’s hero section which is vital in showing your audience who you are and why they need to hire you.

This new and elevated website has served to enhance his brand and justify his new price structure.

A strong branding statement in the hero section will tell an audience so much about your business. Combine that with strong web design and Tony's ideal clients would know instantly that he was the photographer for them.  

I used a simple, clean, masculine design to further enhance his brand. His "About" copy is short and to the point. ""Short and to the point" and "quick and painless" were phrases that kept coming up during our coaching work together and we made sure we stuck to them. This resulted in a website that has a no frills messaging and design as well as a casual, masculine voice throughout.

One of the most common questions I get from photographers when making their website is whether or not they should include a full pricing list. The answer to this often lies with the type of client you are focusing on. In this case, Tony’s clients are busy executives who are likely to be more concerned with time vs. money. Therefore, to make his client’s journey as fast and easy as possible, it made the most sense to post the prices directly on the site.

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