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How to use proven psychology to increase website engagement for your photography business 

If you’ve ever taken a marketing or design class, you most likely studied the psychology behind various design elements.  Learning the science behind the artistic choices we make, can be an amazing “ah ha!” moment for most creatives.  For many artists, our color and style choices come more from instinct than what we’ve learned in […]

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Is it just me, or has the idea of having a niche for your photography business gotten a bad reputation? “How can I be creative if I’m always doing the same thing?” “It’s going to limit my clients and therefore my income!” “What if someone wants something different and doesn’t hire me?!” Sound familiar? Here’s […]

Can your photography business be successful if you don’t have a niche?

graphic that reads, Can your photography business be successful if you don’t have a niche?

Best design for your photography website navigation

You’ve got the photos, the copy and the design all set for your website.  So you’re done, right? Not so fast! Just think…you can have the best-decorated house on the market, but if the layout makes it impossible to find your way around, who cares?! When a prospective client comes to your website they already […]

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