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Can your photography business be successful if you don’t have a niche?

Is it just me, or has the idea of having a niche for your photography business gotten a bad reputation? “How can I be creative if I’m always doing the same thing?” “It’s going to limit my clients and therefore my income!” “What if someone wants something different and doesn’t hire me?!” Sound familiar? Here’s […]

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As various forms of social media become more and more popular, I often find myself being asked how necessary an actual business website is for your Asheville business. Is it really such a big deal not have one?  To those that ask, my answer is simple “You actually can’t afford NOT to!”- especially in Asheville.  […]

Why you need a website for your Asheville business 

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Simple tips to overcome objections-book more photography clients

Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like we are constantly trying to overcome objections as a photographer? Unlike with other occupations, a prospective client may search the internet to find you only to reach out just to tell you all the reasons why they shouldn’t use you. In a world where everyone suddenly […]

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There’s no place like home. …or, in more modern times… There’s no place like your photography business website. Part of running a successful photography business is keeping your finger on the ever changing pulse of things. Years ago, websites were the newest and greatest marketing tool out there for anyone trying to network their business.  […]

5 Reasons why photographers need a website

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How to ensure your website stands out in a sea of sameness

Is there anything as boring and monotonous as a long, family car ride? Now imagine it at a time before personal electronics, when the radio and conversation were your only available entertainment.  Somehow, in an attempt to break up the monotony, it had become a standing family tradition to have each of us alternate lines […]

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These are my top suggestion for improving your photography website strategy. Within 7 seconds of looking at the “above the fold” part of your website, do visitors know what you do, who you serve and where you’re located? In today’s market, there’s tons of competition and people have less patience online. People are busy and […]

Simple tips to improve your photography website strategy

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Create a compelling brand story for your photography biz

As a photographer, your business is perfect for creating a compelling brand story.  Unlike a big business model, you don’t have to worry about how to “humanize” yourself to make you relatable.  You literally are one! Your brand story should take your personality and bring it to the center stage. This is your chance to […]

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As a skilled photographer, the artistic side of your business may come easily.  Developing a logo, building a website and choosing a great company name are important visual elements when creating your business’ identity. However, it’s the marketing and establishment of a photography brand statement that will become the actual meat and potatoes of your […]

What is a photography brand statement…. and why is it important?

what is a photography brand statement

5 reasons why you should enter photography competitions

No one just randomly becomes a professional photographer.  If asked how they started, most photographers will tell you about how they picked up a camera and developed a love for photography that would eventually turn into a business. Unfortunately, when photography goes from a passion project to something used to generate an income, many photographers […]

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Every business owner knows excellent customer service is integral to any small business.  Making sure you check all the boxes necessary to keep a client satisfied should be at the core of any marketing plan.  However, while the nuts and bolts of keeping a client satisfied is important, you should be aiming for something more.  […]

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