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What is a photography brand statement…. and why is it important?

As a skilled photographer, the artistic side of your business may come easily.  Developing a logo, building a website and choosing a great company name are important visual elements when creating your business’ identity. However, it’s the marketing and establishment of a photography brand statement that will become the actual meat and potatoes of your […]

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what is a photography brand statement

No one just randomly becomes a professional photographer.  If asked how they started, most photographers will tell you about how they picked up a camera and developed a love for photography that would eventually turn into a business. Unfortunately, when photography goes from a passion project to something used to generate an income, many photographers […]

5 reasons why you should enter photography competitions

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Elevate your photography clients experience

Every business owner knows excellent customer service is integral to any small business.  Making sure you check all the boxes necessary to keep a client satisfied should be at the core of any marketing plan.  However, while the nuts and bolts of keeping a client satisfied is important, you should be aiming for something more.  […]

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There is something a little bit magical about planning out your mini session ideas. It’s the time when it is not only completely ok to let your artistic side go wild and create the photo backdrops of your dreams – your clients expect it! One of the key components of a successful mini session campaign […]

The best themed mini session ideas

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How to run profitable photography mini sessions

Photography mini sessions  Mini sessions can be HUGE moneymakers for a minimal investment of time – and the money they bring in is only the tip of the iceberg. Some additional bonuses of mini sessions are:  The ability to grow your client base Season-specific options for your existing client base The chance to offer an […]

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I’m an organizational geek. With my new biz, I decided to get a new organizational program to help me track leads, schedule “to-do’s” and make emails pretty. I’ve been checking out a couple of different programs. I don’t know why I get so excited about organizing information and creating systems – but I do! I […]

5 reasons to use a CRM for photographers

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Generate hype for your website launch

Building a new website for your photography business is a huge undertaking. Here are tons of ways you can generate hype for your website launch. Other than maybe your camera, it is the most significant resource your photography business will have and offers the most direct return on investment. It’s the potential client’s first look at […]

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“You can’t please everyone.” This is especially true when trying to define your ideal client. It’s a concept many of us learned in childhood but for some reason when you start your own photography business the lesson goes out the window.  We’re programmed to want to make every possible sale and be appealing to everyone.  […]

How to define your ideal client

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Photography resources in Asheville, NC

Over the past few years, Asheville and Western North Carolina have become an absolute haven for photographers. There are so many photography resources in Asheville and the surrounding area. And is it any wonder? We have a wide variety of some of the most picturesque vistas anywhere! With the growing number of both amateur and professional […]

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Resources for photographers in asheville, nc

How to best handle potential photography inquiries. Your marketing strategies and new online presence worked! You’re getting photography inquiries from sources you would have never reached before. As excited as you may be, there’s also a slight feeling of: “Now, what do I do?!?!” and concern with how you can keep things rolling.  You’ve done […]

Turn photography inquires into bookings (free guide)

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Finally, get a website that attracts tons of bookings from your ideal peeps.

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