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5 reasons to use a CRM for photographers

I’m an organizational geek. With my new biz, I decided to get a new organizational program to help me track leads, schedule “to-do’s” and make emails pretty. I’ve been checking out a couple of different programs. I don’t know why I get so excited about organizing information and creating systems – but I do! I […]

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client management system

Building a new website for your photography business is a huge undertaking. Here are tons of ways you can generate hype for your website launch. Other than maybe your camera, it is the most significant resource your photography business will have and offers the most direct return on investment. It’s the potential client’s first look at […]

Generate hype for your website launch

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How to define your ideal client

“You can’t please everyone.” This is especially true when trying to define your ideal client. It’s a concept many of us learned in childhood but for some reason when you start your own photography business the lesson goes out the window.  We’re programmed to want to make every possible sale and be appealing to everyone.  […]

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Over the past few years, Asheville and Western North Carolina have become an absolute haven for photographers. There are so many photography resources in Asheville and the surrounding area. And is it any wonder? We have a wide variety of some of the most picturesque vistas anywhere! With the growing number of both amateur and professional […]

Photography resources in Asheville, NC

Resources for photographers in asheville, nc

Turn photography inquires into bookings (free guide)

How to best handle potential photography inquiries. Your marketing strategies and new online presence worked! You’re getting photography inquiries from sources you would have never reached before. As excited as you may be, there’s also a slight feeling of: “Now, what do I do?!?!” and concern with how you can keep things rolling.  You’ve done […]

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Why reviews are imporant to your photography business. Is there a more satisfying feeling than getting a raving, 5-star review from a client? I don’t believe there is, but what’s the best way to request a review from your client? No matter how long you’ve been in the business, knowing your client loved and valued […]

Best ways to request a review

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The best homepage tips

It’s virtually impossible to have a successful business without also having a website.  Since it’s often the first thing a potential client will see, it can make or break a business. Within that first impression, the homepage can be your only chance to grab a client’s attention.  Just a little bit intimidating… Now, add the […]

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When building a website, once you get past the aesthetics, most photographers will ask how can we “keep it fresh”, “keep it low maintenance”, and “keep it at the top of Google.” After all, looks can only go so far! Would you believe that having a frequently updated blog on your website is actually the […]

The benefits of blogging for your photography business

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The importance of repeat clients

How to get and keep recurring customers. Everyone knows it’s easier to have an established business versus a start-up. The reason why can be whittled down to one single component: repeat clients.  Not only are recurring clients a set source of income, but they also bring with them a wide assortment of additional (and profitable!) […]

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how to get repeat clients

No matter the type of business, it seems every website has its own version of an “About Me” or “About Us” subpage. Of course, when you think about it, it makes complete sense. You need a place to tell your story and highlight all the skills you have that make you better and sets you […]

How to create a successful “About me” page

how to create a successful about me page

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