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Simple tips to overcome objections-book more photography clients

Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like we are constantly trying to overcome objections as a photographer?

Unlike with other occupations, a prospective client may search the internet to find you only to reach out just to tell you all the reasons why they shouldn’t use you.

In a world where everyone suddenly has a camera at their fingertips 24/7, it can feel like a never ending battle to try and win clients. 

Luckily for you, I’ve come up with some simple tips to help you overcome many of the objections a client may have with regards to the value in hiring you.

1) Overcome their objections head-on

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and list the reasons you’ve heard the most often as to why a client is on the fence about hiring you. 

If you’re a wedding photographer, it could be that they’ve already gone over budget everywhere else and they’re hoping to cut costs in photography. 

If you’re a family photographer, it could be that a client feels that they are good enough to just do it themselves and not have to spend the money.

If you’re a boudoir photographer, it could be that the client really wants to lose just a little bit more weight so they feel better in their skin. 

Sometimes we try so hard to generalize areas on our website so they relate to everyone that they in fact actually end up making a connection with no one.

Find a handful of the most common reasons you can think of and then answer them head-on. 

Think writing: 

Are you so overwhelmed and over budget with wedding planning that you’re finding yourself searching the bargain bin for a photographer? What happens when you have the wedding of your dreams, but only a few so-so photographs to look back on as a remembrance of your special day?? The wedding often goes by in a blur and an exceptional wedding album is the best way to capture the memories.


Weddings are a blur. Don’t you want to have some beautiful pictures to help you look back on it?

Can you imagine having an objection in your head and then having the person directly address it and tell you why it’s wrong?!

The power this lends to your counter-argument is HUGE! 

You now have a client that feels seen and understood. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Overcoming objections is the way to go.

2) Let others do the convincing for you

Always ask satisfied clients to leave a sincere review for your services. If you’ve developed a relationship with them (and  hopefully you have), go one further and directly ask them what their hesitations may have been in using you and if they would mind addressing it directly in their review. 

The more people who confirm something is a good idea or investment, the more comfortable someone will be in making their decision. It’s just human nature. 

Imagine feeling uncomfortable in your current body but wanting maternity photos. 

Then you read a review where a previous client tells you “Laura was amazing to work with! I was so self conscious about my new figure and just wasn’t sure how it would look in photographs. Laura made me feel relaxed and comfortable, resulting in fabulous photos which made me feel the most beautiful ever!”

How much easier is it to pull the trigger and book a session now?

3) Be someone they can “know, like and trust”

A basic marketing principle, the idea of  “know, like and trust” is self explanatory. This is one of the best ways to overcome objections.

But how exactly are you supposed to get someone you’ve never met to “know, like and trust” you?

The key is to find a way to develop an emotional bond through your marketing and branding.

Social media is your friend

Unlike your website, social media can be constantly updated with information that will help potential clients form a personal connection. 

Here are some easy ways to let viewers get a chance to really see the person behind the lens:

Give them a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Remove the mystery and let clients know  exactly what to expect when they work with you. Goofy and fun loving? Let that side of you shine! Elaborate set up? Post a story detailing all the extras you have to offer!

Share what’s going on in your life. Recently married? Expecting your first baby? Taking that dream trip to Paris? Let your followers know! By letting potential clients in on some personal and relatable details you are guaranteed to make an emotional connection without them even realizing it!

Show them who you are- literally! Think of how hard it is to form a connection with someone you’ve only communicated with on the phone or via email. It’s so impersonal! Now think of the relief that comes when you finally come face-to-face. It’s something you may not have thought of, but once you actually see them, a stronger relationship is immediately formed.  Make sure you sprinkle in some shots with you in them to ensure clients see you as more than a faceless entity. 

Overcome objection by showing you’re an expert in your field

As a photographer it should be obvious that you need to share various samples of your work, but you need to go beyond that. 

Read an article that gives great insight on what colors to wear for a photo shoot and why? Share it! 

If you have a talent for writing (or access to a copywriter), I would go one further and say write your own blogs with stories which will highlight how knowledgeable you are.

By letting potential clients see you as someone with their finger on the pulse of things, you have set yourself up as someone they will view as an authority in your chosen photography field.

Realize you can’t convince everyone.  

Look. There are some people that will always think the pictures they take from their cell phone are “good enough” and that spending money on a professional photographer is “just a waste.”

Accept that these individuals are not your target.

To be a successful photographer you need to realize not everyone is a potential client- and that’s ok. 

The key is to focus on those you can work with and profit from.

Want to know more? REACH OUT today and we can discuss exactly how to make sure you and your website shine!

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