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5 Reasons why photographers need a website

There’s no place like home.

or, in more modern times…

There’s no place like your photography business website.

Part of running a successful photography business is keeping your finger on the ever changing pulse of things.

Years ago, websites were the newest and greatest marketing tool out there for anyone trying to network their business.  Understandably, you may wonder how necessary they are in today’s world of social media and real time marketing. 

Would it surprise you to know that I would actually go so far as to say they may be more important than ever? Photographers need a website! … and not just because I’ve built my career on them! 

Here’s why!

1 ) It gives your business a place to call home

… and not just because it has a homepage. 

Social media fads come and go at an alarming speed. Remember when you were considered crazy and out of touch when you didn’t have Facebook? Now, it’s known as the social media for grandmas. Instagram?! All the rage until Snapchat. Snapchat? Now the ugly step-sister to Tik Tok. Wait a year, a few months, or even possibly weeks and more than likely Tik Tok will be replaced with the next newest and greatest thing- if it hasn’t been already. 

Social media definitely has an important place in your business marketing, but if you put all your eggs in that basket you will find yourself constantly chasing the next big thing. 

If that’s not bad enough, did you know you don’t even truly own your social media accounts?!

I’ve heard so many horror stories of photographers who have gotten their accounts suspended or even removed forever- usually due to an innocent error.

But….Guess what one thing all those social media platforms have in common? They all have a place for you to be able to link back to your website!

This gives you the invaluable ability to ensure that, while you may have to alter your content to fit into whatever parameters your chosen media demands, any interested potential client can jump straight to your website and get your brand message in its entirety with just a simple link to your home page added to your content.

I  cannot  emphasize just how incredibly important and valuable this is!

No distractions. No “if you like this you should see this!”. No competitor images or advertisements included right next to your information. 

You now have a potential client in a space 100% focused and tailored to getting you the sale. 

2) You have full control

This goes beyond ensuring you don’t have any pesky distractions or competing businesses sharing your space. 

With social media you are entirely dependent on their ever changing whims (ugh! Instagram!).

With your photography website, you have complete control and ownership of every aspect of your website. 

No worries about suddenly losing access, format changes, or insufficient text space necessary to get your message across. 

No worrying that the link you sent a client may or may not still show itself as you hoped or if an error message has taken its place. 

If you’re like me, having a place that gives you full access and control of everything needed to develop a  space which truly reflects your business and brand is huge and absolutely necessary. 

It is what will set you apart from the crowd. This is one of the main reasons why photographers need a website.

3) Quality vs Quantity

The key of maintaining a brand on social media is to post, post, post!

In fact, according to most influencers, you should be posting something Every. Single. Day.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think I can safely say I’m generally not that interesting. 

As photographers, we have it a bit easier in that we can use a handful of pictures from the thousands we have taken. But, to that point, can you really say each and every session and picture is one you would want to be the face of your business?

If your social media is the marketing tool you use to constantly drill your presence into a client’s brain, your website should be the space that allows them to refocus. 

Remind them WHY they want to hire you. 

Your website shows the very best you have to offer vs. the fluff you may need to post to keep your social media presence active.

4) Help clients find you

Unlike social media trends, it’s safe to say Google isn’t going anywhere for a while. 

When looking for a service or good, almost everyone’s first action is still to type what they are looking for into a search engine. 

Websites are the #1 source for getting yourself on top of a Google search. Without one, you are hugely limiting yourself as to the number of clients you can reach. 

It’s so important that there are literally thousands of classes and articles out there dedicated to the topic. In fact, I have a great resource for you – “Backlinks for photographers” is an in-depth article that explains why you need backlinks and includes over 150 places where you can acquire these links. Check it out HERE.

5. So you can make more money

After all, that’s the entire reason you have a business.  Having a great website is one of the most powerful, valuable and controllable tools you have.

Once people have to pay for something, it becomes infinitely more prized and people become way more focused on ensuring they are getting the full value for every dollar spent.

For most clients, a photographer with a sloppy website (or even worse, no website) becomes instantly less valuable. 

Now let’s say you’ve engaged your client and now it’s time to seal the deal.

A website gives you the space you need for your clients to book their sessions, make their deposits, order any prints or materials, and more. All in real time and at a push of a button!

It is in your best interest to ensure that completing a sale is as easy as possible.  This is how you effectively clear any roadblocks that may be in their way. 

While a website may be the least flashy tool in your online marketing belt, it is the most important. 

Having a strong website gives your business the foundation and “home base” your online presence needs to make the most significant and memorable impact. Photographers really need a website if they are working as a professional and hopefully now you think so too.

Want to ensure you are making the absolute best impression on your clients?? Reach out to me now!

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