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The best homepage tips

It’s virtually impossible to have a successful business without also having a website. 

Since it’s often the first thing a potential client will see, it can make or break a business.

Within that first impression, the homepage can be your only chance to grab a client’s attention. 

Just a little bit intimidating…

Now, add the fact that you’re not just trying to create any homepage but the one that’s going to represent your photography business…EEK!!!

It’s the difference between taking a picture of your client vs a self-portrait. The same skills are there, but when aiming the lens at yourself, you become such a tough critic that you’re never satisfied with the end result. 

So how do you design a successful homepage?

Tip # 1

The best homepages design tips are a perfect blend of showing someone who YOU are and then mixing it with who THEY are.

You’re not only trying to show a potential client how awesome you are, you are trying to convince them of how perfect you are for them

A moody, predominantly black and white website with all the elegant fixings is probably not going to be a great match for a photographer who specializes in bright, family photographs and their respective clientele. However, for a wedding photographer who loves to play with shadows and light in their photography and a bride looking for high-end, dramatic photos for her wedding- BINGO!

Your homepage should quickly and clearly let the reader know: who you are, what you do that’s better than the competition, and what makes you perfect for them. 

You may be thinking “they already know I’m a local family photographer, that’s literally what they Googled!” but think bigger than that.

This is your chance to create a connection between you and your potential client. 

You want to give them something “fun” to read that forms a human connection and makes them curious to read more. 

Unless your style demands otherwise, your homepage should be a friendly, informal place that makes a reader feel like they are talking to someone over a cup of coffee and not in a boardroom. Be approachable. Keep your writing style casual and conversational. 

As a photographer, your job is to make your client comfortable around you and your camera. By humanizing yourself on your homepage, you are off to an early start in forming a bond between you and your potential client. 

Now that you know how to write about yourself, let’s think about what to write.

Tip # 2

Figure out what you do differently and better than your competition and make that your focus.

Are you a pro at turning even the hardest to manage children into great models? Sell it! Do you get the most emotionally charged “first look” photos from a bride and groom? Let the reader know! Make your potential clients feel like you are the only person who can get the “magic shot” they are looking for. 

Never forget that everything you tell a client about yourself and your work should be spun into how it will benefit them. 

Would you rather hire the family photographer that has “been a photographer for over 20 years” or the one that “After 20 years of taking family photos, knows exactly how to get great, smiling shots from even the grumpiest of children.”

Remember that you don’t need to post a resume. A good rule of thumb is to just put the big ticket information that will directly impact your client on the homepage (Did you win a best wedding photographer award? Do you have an indoor studio perfect for newborn shots?). Leave the rest for your ‘about me’ page. 

Tip # 3

Beyond selling yourself, think about who exactly you’re selling yourself to.

It makes no sense to try and attract everyone that visits your website. It’s virtually impossible. 

When you try to please EVERYONE, you end up being “it” for no one. 

By setting an overly wide net out, you can get 100 clients that like you well enough, but 0 that fall in love with you. Liking you “well enough” just means that they will move on as soon as they find the photographer with a style they actually connect with.

Gear your homepage design towards the specific clients you are trying to attract. Give them the chance to connect with you and convince them you are exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Now, you have the clients that will be the best match for you and your photography style. 

Happy and satisfied clients are the backbone of a successful business. 

Super fun and casual family photographer? Make sure your site reflects that with bright, colorful imagery and stay away from something overly formal. Sophisticated, high-end wedding photographer? Make sure your website is as elegant as your clientele.

By creating a tailored look at who you are and gearing it towards who you want to attract, you are able to ensure potential clients feel like your talent is the right fit for them. 

Tip # 4

Sometimes the best thing for your business is to hire a pro….and I just happen to be one.

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