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How to use proven psychology to increase website engagement for your photography business 

If you’ve ever taken a marketing or design class, you most likely studied the psychology behind various design elements.  Learning the science behind the artistic choices we make, can be an amazing “ah ha!” moment for most creatives.  For many artists, our color and style choices come more from instinct than what we’ve learned in […]

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You’ve got the photos, the copy and the design all set for your website.  So you’re done, right? Not so fast! Just think…you can have the best-decorated house on the market, but if the layout makes it impossible to find your way around, who cares?! When a prospective client comes to your website they already […]

Best design for your photography website navigation

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First impression of photography website – make it a good one

Your first impression of your photography website is everything! Think about it. Even if your prospective client first found you on social media or in person, your website is the first time your client is in a space totally influenced by you- no outside distractions! However, even though a potential client is on your page, […]

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You’ve done it.  After countless hours and endless research, you finally created a website you feel good about.  You’re now online for the world to see, but the silence is deafening…. 🙁  What happened?! How can you tell if your photography service pages are working for you?  Easy – Just count the number of new […]

How to create great service pages for your photography website

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How to create a high converting website

Websites are a lot like puzzles. You may wonder how this ties in with creating a high converting website…. If the pieces don’t fit right, there’s no way to get the full picture.  The entire purpose of a website is to convert visits into bookings and without all the pieces fitting together properly, you are missing […]

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It’s virtually impossible to have a successful business without also having a website.  Since it’s often the first thing a potential client will see, it can make or break a business. Within that first impression, the homepage can be your only chance to grab a client’s attention.  Just a little bit intimidating… Now, add the […]

The best homepage tips

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How to create a successful “About me” page

No matter the type of business, it seems every website has its own version of an “About Me” or “About Us” subpage. Of course, when you think about it, it makes complete sense. You need a place to tell your story and highlight all the skills you have that make you better and sets you […]

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how to create a successful about me page

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