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I want to be your Asheville photographer for life!

I would love to photograph your newborn when he’s just born and your child when she loses her first tooth. I want to be the one you call when your little boy is a high school senior. I want to take all your holiday pictures and make gorgeous greeting cards for you to mail out. I want you to look around your lovely home and see beautiful photographic art of your family throughout the years. I want to be the one who has the privilege to capture these special times in your family’s life.

I’ve been blessed to photograph this family four times already! I hope I get to capture all their milestones!

Book a “Love and Connection” photo session and all future
sessions fees with Linnae Designs will be 50% off.

This offer is valid as long as Linnae Designs is in business. I do hope to retire some day. 🙂

Want more information about a “Love and Connection” photo session with me? Just call me at 828-230-1462 or visit https://linnaedesigns.com/family-photography-session


grow with me membership
family playing with pets

Your children aren’t really cooperating when you ask them to sit down and smile at the camera, are they? I’ll tell you a secret… Most kids aren’t. Even during my photo shoots, the little ones rarely will do that. Why? Cause it’s just not fun!

Taking a (sharp) portrait of your children looking and smiling at the camera can be really REALLY HARD. The more children you have, the harder it gets. Bribes work quite well, but even then, I’m not sure how natural their smiles will be.

The next option you have is to take photographs of your children while they’re playing or on the move BUT it can be very difficult to capture the focus when your child is moving. Even when they’re not moving that much, it’s a real struggle to get a sharp photograph. WHY?

moving child

Why Are Your Photographs Blurry?

First of all, there are 2 types of blur: Out-of-focus blur (the focus of the photograph isn’t on your subject) and Motion blur (which is usually what happens when photographing children). If you are struggling with focusing on your subject (whether on phone or DSLR), you need to practice this skill. If you’re struggling with Motion blur, keep reading…

There are a few factors that will contribute to the quality and sharpness of a photograph:

  • Light
  • Movement of the subject (children & pets especially)
  • Movement of the photographer
  • Quality of the camera (phone, DSLR…)
  • Camera settings (The exposure triangle = ISO, aperture and shutter speed)

Let’s consider the worst-case scenario:  you are trying to photograph a moving child in a poorly lit room with a phone camera. I have been in this situation and there is no way I am going to get a sharp image!

motion blur

What Can You do to Take Better Photographs?

The good news is that you do not need to get a professional camera to take sharp photographs. Of course, if you have been hired to photograph a wedding, it’s important to have the right camera and lenses for the job. Photographing the bride coming down the aisle in a dark church require proper equipment.

However, you can keep photographing your children with your phone or entry-level DSLR and get good results.

The tips below are simple ways you can improve your photographs and have a higher rate of sharp photographs vs blurry ones. You can obviously combine all the tips!

outdoor photography
  1. Get more light. The more light you have available, the more chances you have to get a sharp photograph. Outdoor is best, but you can also photograph your children by a window at home. Even with a phone camera and a moving child, you should be able to get sharp photographs if the amount of light is good.
  2. Use flash. Flash is a great way to get sharp photographs indoor. However, the result isn’t always pretty (white faces, red eyes, change of atmosphere…).
  3. Wait until the subject is still. Depending on what you are trying to capture, you can wait until your subject is still to take the photo.
  4. Don’t move. If you are moving while trying to take a photograph, this will also result in motion blur.
  5. Buy a better camera. If you like to photograph the everyday moments of your children inside your home, chances are that the light won’t always be enough for your phone. If you tried all the other tips and still can’t get sharp images, it might be time to upgrade your gear to the next level.
  6. Learn to use your camera. Maybe you already have a good camera but never got around to learning the settings. You can choose to use the AUTO mode, but knowing how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed affect your photographs will help you take better photographs.
  7. Hire a pro. Ok, a little self promotion here….you can also just hire me to photograph your kiddos and fam. I’ve been a photographer for over 25 years and know how to nail my focus so give me a call and I’ll take care of you! You can reach me at 828-230-1462 or LINNAE DESIGNS.
child reading book by window


siblings hug

The thought of trying to coordinate a normal family photography session can seem daunting. There’s the date selection, outfit coordination, and the inconvenient timing of good light. 

Coordinating an extended family session with more than just your nuclear family may seem insurmountable. I’m here to tell you 5 good reasons why you should absolutely consider scheduling an extended family session this year. 

extended family session at The cliffs in Arden, nc

Reason 1: Your Parents

Grandparents grew up in the age of film where professional photography wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Many haven’t been in front of a camera since your (or your siblings’) wedding day. Sure, they have likely been in countless iPhone pictures with the grandkids. However, it’s also nice to have an updated heirloom quality portrait of just them too! I am also willing to bet they’d love one of your family for their home.

grandparents with twin babies

Reason 2: Couples’ Portraits

Speaking of your wedding day, when was the last time you had a few portraits of yourselves? Imagine being able to relax in front of the camera while someone else makes sure your kid doesn’t jump in a mud puddle. Extended family session to the rescue! Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins are on toddler duty while you have your moment in front of my lens.

Reason Three: Cousins

Your kid is adorable, that’s for sure. Siblings loving on each other are adorable. But cousins? Cousins take it up a notch. Not only will you get individual portraits of your children during an extended family session, but you get to take advantage of all the cousins being together and document that as well! And imagine all the kiddos with the grandparents! That’s a shot everyone wants!

Reason Four: Camaraderie

Extended family sessions are just plain fun. When there is downtime, there are all your closest people hanging around to laugh and chat with. Your kid won’t smile? There are lots of funny family members to make faces and hop on one foot. I’ll be sure to weave in and around the chaos capturing candids as well as the posed shots.

Reason Five: Easy Gifts

Because extended family sessions allow for time to photograph the entire family plus each nuclear family, the result is a year’s worth of easy gifts! Family Album for the grandparents, canvas for your brother. Matted and framed print for your sister, picture fridge magnet set for your toddler. Christmas cards? Check. The possibilities are endless!

Want more information about my Extended Family Sessions? Contact me at LINNAE DESIGNS.


I’m sure all the other northern photographers will be able to relate to this. I’m a family and baby photographer and every winter my business dies. I really wanted to try to improve this situation, so this past winter I offered a few heavily discounted sessions. The shoots took place indoors at the client’s home. I knew that I needed to have samples of home sessions on my website in order for potential clients to hire me during the cold months. I wanted these moms to see that I could create beautiful, emotive photos in their home.

I live in the mountains so up until this point, I have been know for my beautiful outdoor settings. I still like to photograph outdoors during nice weather, but for practical financial reasons I wanted to add home sessions into the mix too.

This family had a close, easy going relationship with one another and a cute, playful interaction with their boys.

During my outdoor sessions, I tend to use a lot of movement and prompts to initiate natural interactions between the family members. I tried it this time too, but the kids kept running into different rooms and because the space was smaller, it was harder to keep them in my frame as they moved around.

I then had to shift gears and stick with safe interactions like reading and snuggling. I found it a bit more challenging indoors than shooting outdoors, but I’m sure over time this would improve. I’ve been making a list of simple prompts I can use that are geared specifically for indoors sessions.


playful indoor session

Selecting a family photographer that can take great photos of you and your crew, isn’t difficult if you know exactly what to look for. Here are my top tips for choosing a family photographer.

family playing with their kids in spring

Tip One: Great Family Photos

The first sign of a great family photographer is great photos, right? When you look at the photographer’s portfolio, do the photos make your HEART SING?

Do you like looking at their photos, even if you don’t know who the people are?

Working with families, particularly those with young children, can be a challenge, but a great family photographer has the experience to know how to set the scene and capture the moment.

Take a look at online portfolios first to identify great family photographers, from there you can start to whittle down your options.

family canoeing on Biltmore Lake in North carolina.

Tip Two: Variety of Photos

Here’s where you’ll want to pay attention when you look at family photography photos: do they all tend to be similar, or are there differences? What you are checking is that the family photographer you’re considering isn’t set in their ways – that they can work with different scenes and settings to create dynamic, original, and memorable photos of your family.

What to look for? Different types of families, different settings (indoor/outdoor), different locations and most of all…different conditions. If you are aiming for an outdoor family photography session, you’ll want to know that your chosen photographer can work with different types of weather and still create great photos.

parents enjoying their toddlers during photo shoot by choosing a family photographer

Tip Three: Family Photography Style

Does their style of photography match your taste? Some photographs lean towards traditional classic portraits and will pose everyone just so, have them look at the camera and smile. Other photographer might not pose you at all or perhaps will use light posing. What do you like best?

Every photographer has a particular style that will tend to come across in their portfolios. Some prefer static, seated, and posed shots, others will aim for more “lifestyle” photography look that will feature the family interacting with their environment. You want to find a style that appeals to you: whether it’s black and white, fun and quirky, posed, or a mix.

funny family picture

Tip Four: Reviews & Referrals

What do previous clients say about your photographer? Were they easy to work with, flexible, did they offer options? How did they deal with a difficult situation? All these things are important to know before you book – which is why so many family photographers find a large portion of their clients through referrals and online review sites because you know that you’ll be getting a professional.

Start with the photographer’s own site, but branch out to other online review sites or even search for the photographer’s name online (just make sure you’re getting the right person). Keep in mind that some people are impossible to satisfy, no matter what, but in general, the reviews should be positive.

choosing a family photographer for beautiful portrait of child holding stick outdoors

Tip Five: Prices & Packages

We have to talk about money somewhere since there is a huge range when it comes to family photographers, but notice that I put price last on the list.

An incredible amount of time, skill, and equipment goes into creating memorable family photos so please resist the urge to choose a budget family photographer – you will absolutely get what you pay for.

That being said, your chosen family photographer should be able to work with you to create a package that provides the best blend of price and product so both sides are happy with the result.

family laughing and having fun during photo shoot

Choosing a family photographer isn’t hard once you know what to look for.

I’m Linnae Harris and I would LOVE to be your family’s photographer. Visit FAMILY PHOTO SESSION to see my work and learn more about what a family session with me is like.

Perhaps my style is not your style. No worries. You can find other photographers using this DIRECTORY.

choosing a family photographer to photograph two sisters in matching dresses


tween playing

Newborn photography is a relatively new concept, and it’s becoming more and more popular every year.

For ages, the most photographed event of our lives has been the wedding ceremony.  Couples plan for years organizing every detail – large and small. Choosing the perfect wedding photographer is a task in itself.  Finding the right person who you connect with and trust, as well as the style of photography that pulls on your heart strings can be a daunting task – but one that couples make their top priority.


Well, because your wedding is the most important day of your life… right?

Well… for some.

For the couples that choose to have children, I’m sure that everyone will agree – the welcoming of your baby into the world trumps the wedding ceremony by far.

From the first moment you see, hold and smell your newborn babe – your world will change.  Love will become something bigger than you ever knew was possible. As you see your newborn child, you’ll experience what it’s like to literally have your heart beating outside of your body.  All instincts will take over, and you will feel love like you never existed. Your wedding day will be a past memory – THIS will be the most important day of your life.

Newborn Photography is a growing trend – and rightfully so.  Newborn Photography is designed for babies within the first couple weeks after birth.  

Tiny, curled up little infants, fresh into the world.  The fingers and toes, the eyelashes, every little detail.  All of these beautiful features will change with each passing day.

Our children grow up right in front of our eyes, after one week, after three weeks, after six months – they grow, change and develop and nothing that we can do will stop them.

Capturing your newborn baby with a professionally trained newborn photographer will be the first ‘gift’ that you give to them (and yourself!).  A newborn session can not be re-done. It is literally a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Yes, you can re-shoot six month pictures, or one year pictures, or family pictures.  If you hire a photographer that doesn’t deliver quality up to your standards, you can re-do those moments a few weeks later with someone else and there really isn’t any loss.

Newborn babies however, change every second.  So many times I hear my clients say (at their ordering session two weeks after the shoot) “I can’t believe how much he/she has changed already, I’m so glad we got this done!”.

A newborn photographer is more than just a photographer.  Don’t settle for the first photographer you find, or the cheapest one around.  Find a photographer that you LOVE, that speaks to you, and whose work you can’t live without.  It’s an investment that’s worth every penny, as she will provide you with stunning images you and your baby will have for generations.

Take your time, look around, and hire a professional that is right for you.  Treat your newborn photographer as you would your wedding photographer – because this is the most important event of your life.

If you’d like to know what a newborn photography session with me would be like…..feel free to call, or email me! Get more information at NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY.


newborn photo shoot

So you’ve booked your newborn photo shoot and the big day is drawing nearer. Now for the tricky bitwhat to you wear for a newborn photo shoot?! 

As someone who’s about as far from fashion savvy as they come, I know the feeling of bewilderment and stress you’re probably experiencing right now. 

Good news, though – as a seasoned photographer, over the years I’ve picked up what looks best, and I’m happy to offer some simple suggestions to ensure your family photographs beautifully. : )

Matching is out. Coordinating is in. 

Coordinating color is what really brings your wardrobe together. Choose a color scheme of at least three colors. Mixing stripes, plaids, solids and florals is okay! 

Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe.

Find a focal point.
Start with a patterned piece and build from there.  This may be a top that you feel fabulous in, or a plaid button up for your son that will make your heart melt, or maybe a beautiful flowered muslin wrap for your newborn daughter. 

Light colors or dark colors?
The most common rooms for a photo shoot are the family room, master bedroom and nursery. What’s your color scheme in these rooms? What colors will look best and provide interest? Soft or natural tones, such as pale pastels and neutrals will always photograph well. Pops of bright colour can also work wonderfully to create a captivating image. Earthy tones are fantastic and look great in-camera and on your walls. 

Avoid lots of black or white as it doesn’t photograph very well. The exception to this is an all white outfit for your newborn. Photographing him or her in a classic white onesie or singlet will always be beautiful; white will draw attention to their soft baby skin and can always be paired with muslins or other items to add interest and texture.

Choose tight clothing for babe.
I bet you have some adorable outfits for your little baby but make sure it fits your baby now. Clothing that’s too big wont photograph well.

A onesie is a great option. 
When a baby gets moved around, the baby’s clothing shifts and can look messy or show diapers. A onsie stays in place better; has a timeless look and comes in long or short options to match the season.

Textures photograph nicely.
Play with texture.  Incorporate a mix of different types and weights of materials, a textured sweaters, lace, sheer overlay, embroidery, knit blankets, etc. These types of textures really pick up on the camera as well as add visual interest. 

Layers add depth and dimension.
When putting together an outfit, layers are what make the outfit look polished and complete! In the summer, layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In the fall and winter, try Cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc. Wrap your baby in a knit blanket or pretty muslin wraps

Showing skin with your newborn.
Since babies are so itty bitty, it can be a nice option to show them in their birthday suit. Don’t worry, I will cover all their bits and cranies. Another option is a plain diaper or a diaper cover.

Now with this all said, ensuring that everyone is comfortable is most important, so let that be your best guide.

For more information about a newborn photo shoot check out NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT.

What to wear for a newborn photo shoot.

add texture to your wardrobe

Picture this.

You’ve just brought home your brand new lil’ baby – maybe this week, maybe last, or maybe almost more than a month back now (um, where did THAT month go..?).

Maybe your little one is a late night party-animal, and you’re up from the wee hours and into the early morning.

Perhaps your babe is still growing, used to feeding, and burping takes longer than you’d ever imagined.

Maybe your poor little munchkin has a nasty spot of reflux, and their little tummy struggles more than you’d like (I promise this will pass, as everything does. Stay strong, mama. x).

Probably they’re happiest in your arms or on your chest – as teeny little infants who are still learning to be human are fairly apt to be.

Now. Imagine you’d planned a newborn session at a fancy studio, to catch the memories of this spectacular time.

Imagine all of the above is true, and now you have to pack yourselves and all your darlings into a car to find the studio, and to the ardent hope that your tiny one is having a better morning – restful and peaceful and calm – so they’ll be happy and willing when you pass them over to your lovely newborn photographer.

Maybe even the prospect of that feels just a little overwhelming. Instead, opt for me to come to your house for Newborn & Family session in your home. Get more details at LinnaeDesigns.

Why in-home newborn photography?

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As we shift from splash parks, endless days and Popsicle stained smiles to…….cozy sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and endless red and golden leaves, I encourage you to start thinking of your yearly portrait session, the documentation of your growing family, and *gasp* your holiday cards.

As a professional family and baby photographer, people often ask me what you should wear for their OUTDOOR FALL PHOTO SHOOT. These are my best suggestions for choosing your outfits for your outdoor photo shoot.best outfits for fall pictures

  1. Matching is out. Coordinating is in.

Coordinating color is what really brings your wardrobe together. Choose a color scheme of at least three colors. Mixing stripes, plaids, solids and florals is okay! Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe.

coordinate your outfits

  1. Find a focal point. 

Start with a patterned piece and build from there.  This may be a top that you feel fabulous in, or a plaid button up for your son that will make your heart melt, or maybe even an adorable little floral print dress for your little princess.

  1. Keep your location in mind. 

Where is your session taking place? This location becomes your background. What are the primary colors of this area? If you’re in nature, will you be at a Christmas tree farm (mostly greens), in a field of tall tan grass with mountain views or in the woods with autumn colored trees? Choose colors that look good with the background yet allow your family to stand out from the background.

  1. Where will you be displaying your photos in your home?

I have a large framed print over my fireplace. Each year when I take photos of my children, they always wear colors that blend well with the room.

choosing colors

  1. Layers add depth and dimension.

When putting together an coordinate your outfits, layers are what make the outfit look polished and complete.  Try a cardigan, vest, belt, statement necklace, scarf, hat, blazer, etc. Layers will also allow you to stay comfortable if the temperatures aren’t what you predicted.

add layers to your outfit

Textures photograph nicely.

Play with texture.  Incorporate a mix of different types and weights of materials, a textured knit or maybe a nubby wool coat. Textures add visual interest.

Book a photo shoot for your family.

You’ll get a printed Style Guide, Inspiration Pinterest Board, Phone Consultation and much more when you book a session with me. I still have a few openings available for FALL FAMILY PHOTOS. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a gorgeous e-magazine with all the juicy details and pricing info!

6 tips for choosing outfits for your outdoor photo shoot.